Top Gear & Christian Bale AV Request

Can someone make 2 AVs for me using the last few frames on these gifs, so it loops seemlessly, have thick bold text at the bottom saying “DUBSTEP!”

crop the background out of this one so focus is on the hand, face and stereo.

thanks :bgrin:

Bump, would do it myself but I can’t figure out how to import animated gifs into photoshop :sad:

I’m still running CS2 Photoshop and ImageReady. You would just need the PSD files, right?

If the psd can save each frame yeh that would be great :tup:

Here you go:
[] Top Gear PSD
] Christian Bale PSD
Let me know if you have any problems. :tup:

I’m sure I could teach ya. What version you running?

Thanks man :bgrin:

Cheers, I’m using CS4.

For cs4 you use import >> video frames to layers, then in the filename you input: . and then it should show every type of file, then you choose your gif.
Source: My brain, and for confirmation I went here

oh wow it’s so simple :looney:


just checked i dont have the option to import frames to layers, i can only see “Notes…” & “WIA Support…”

Oh…in that case I think you need to have CS4 Extended and if you don’t then you’re SOL D: