TOP HYPE Moments Finals - Injustice, USF4 and Killer Instinct


Will update when I add the other games after the finals are complete. Enjoy Injustice for now. =)

Killer Instinct TOP HYPE Moments



Those are the only ones I wanted to work on. If anyone has a HYPE Montage of KOF13, Marvel, Tekken or Smash, feel free to add it to the list for those that missed those matches. :slight_smile:


The only top 8 that was hype was BlazBlue, the grand finals were beyond any of the others.

Ultra top 8 was BORING. Please I hope Evo doesnt make it 3 out of 5 rounds ever again even if it was the only top 8 on a sunday.

Injustice also was boring. The only hype moments from Ultra and Injustice was timer wins that the players (MIT and Snake Eyez) who won nearly got the victory. Hell even Marvel had timer wins in similar fashion.

The KOF 13 finals didnt have excited announcers, they kinda dragged it. But when the feedback thread is posted Ill really get into the problems that made some top 8’s not exciting.


I didn’t like the 3/5 for usf4 either, but I otherwise thought this years evo was one of the best in recent memory.


Injustice was nice, Ultra was boring when Snake Eyes was playing…otherwise it was great…blazeblu was the best tho.