Top non Japanese players

Just another excuse for time wasting and discussion…

Based on what I’ve heard from Ryan Hart, and my experiences of playing against some top players, I think the best non Japs are

  1. Pyro (US)
  2. Mymoza (Europe)
  3. Carmen (Hong Kong)
  4. PaulT (Aus)
  5. Ack (HK? Canada?)

EDIT - in no particular order mind you…

1-grimlock (chile)
2-kmion , itachi (chile)
3-tsc (aus)
4-hong (aus)


Optimus Prime. He’s more than meets the eye.

Hung fucking Bee.

1 - Doo Doo (bath room)
2 - Pizza (refrigerator)
3 - Tornado (all outdoors)
4 - The Clap (your dick)
5 - Jida (internet)

Seriously? I’m thinking (not necessarily the best):

Hong (AU), Kai (Chile), Frankie3s (US) 5 Star (US) Amir (US) Sean (Europe).

I wish I knew the names of some of those Hong Kong guys…

I think it’s hard to decide. Whenever players from different zones meet, it’s just Japan vs Someone else

SBO is too Japan-centric
Euros/Aussies/HK players don’t show up at Evo

We would need a true world-level competition to find out the truth.

Do alot of European players travel to Evo?

That would be the best place to see who is really the best outside of Japan … outside of the top 4 or so who will probably be Japanese though heh …

Anyways, Evo should at least measure the US best, cause you see alot of guys come out who aren’t in weekly scene vids guys like Hung Bee (Oro) and Alex Valle getting really far.

i think you talk of kai yang/ryu player…
is hard for example
i am a chilean player and the most of people of us and japan never fight against me (maybe i win maybe i lost) …i have a some vids of the last tournamet of chile (i am the necro player) but
this is a vid …tournament play is hard and some people are sooo stupid when see vids …
i think the only way …is fight a match between top players of each country … i can tell this …you get a big surprise if fight against chilean top players :rofl: :rofl:

excuse me english

A lot of international players do get to fight it out at SBO and EVO, but yes - a dream tournament (apart from SBO) would be all the top players in one place at the same time.

If only I was rich enough - I’d sponsor every single one to come stay in London for a week and fight it out :sad: Not that it would cost that much - but by the time I do have enough I probably wont be interested in 3s anymore…

I remember there being a thread a while back that was “who is the best at each character?” Who do you guys think is the best at each character outside of Japan?

Best at character (non-japanese):

Yun: Pyro
Chun: J Wong
Ken: Mymoza
Makoto: TSC
Dudley: Victoly
Yang: KOfiend
Gouki: Paul T
Urien: Ack
Ryu: Frankie3S
Oro: HungB
Alex: ???
Sean: C-royd

J.R. For Gouki!!!

I’d put Kimmicks over TSC on makoto. I’m biased but I would. Eric K is like moments away from shining big.



There is a rumour that at SBO this year, there will be a tournament for all of the non-Japanese teams to see which of the non-Japanese teams is the best. It will be on stage and everything, or so I have heard.

In no particular order IMO the best non Japanese players are:

Justin Wong
Frankie 3S
KO Fiend
Hsien Chang

Billy Kane
Ryan Hart

Hong Kong
Hong (I believe he is originally from HK)

Paul T

C Royd

As for which region is the best after Japan, most would sya the US (espeically the FFA players), but I think the Australians and maybe the Canadians are right up there with them.

I’ll also equip the flame shield.

Yes this is all I thought too

I think it’s funny how nobody mentioned Sextaro, Ed Ma, and Ricky Ortiz yet.

I’d like to see TSC go against Sextaro… a friend of mine bases his game off of Sextaro a lot actually.

Having Justin on the list w/out Ricky there too just seems strange to me. Ed Ma has great zoning, and Sextaro has a lot of crazy tricks.

Plans are underway for this during this years SBO period. Hopefully some details can be released in the coming weeks once things get a bit more finalised.



IMO, TSC is the greatest player outside of Japan, mainly due to his out of game antics. He also can do a double DP using only his willpower.

Want to know who really are the best of the rest?


Just watched some of his vids on Youtube, and I gotta say that fool is damn good. He’s got a sick success rate with the 100% dizzy.