Top of Utah! (Cache Valley, UT revival/Fusion Lounge/ranbats?)


Still surprised I’m even getting the chance to post this. Cache Valley has known little besides atrocious luck in recent years when it comes to FGC building. In fact, I’d figured it had long since blown its last chance to have an FGC of its own. Now I’m happy to say we’ve caught a break.

A gaming center has opened up across from the North Logan Walmart called Fusion Lounge. Right now they’re mainly a League/Smash venue but the owner is interested in hosting all kinds of competitive gaming. Moreover, Joey Geurts, a longtime member of the CV scene (and a really good 3rd Strike/Tekken guy), was just hired on there, so we have a built-in TO of sorts. (I can’t even tell you how happy I am to not have to be the TO for once!)

This is already by far the best venue we’ve ever worked with. Where I’ve never heard anything in initial discussions more enthusiastic than “what’s in it for us,” with Fusion Lounge it’s been nothing but “what can we do to help?”

We’re trying to make plans for biweekly events to start next month with a ranbat season kicking off for the winter, but in the meantime, voicing our support for fighting games in Cache Valley to them would go a long way in inspiring their investment in us moving forward (ie: machines, games, sticks, etc).


So here’s that event announcement…

Friday, September 25
Fusion Lounge Gaming Center - 143 E. 1600 N. in North Logan (OUR NEW DIGS!)

Ultra Street Fighter IV
Mortal Kombat X

Double Elimination
$5 entry fee per tournament + $3 venue fee
70-20-10 splits for top 3

Casuals/setup at 4 PM
Mortal Kombat X at 5 PM
Ultra Street Fighter IV at 7 PM


when is your next event? I just moved to Utah and been looking for some offline events


HI im new to Utah looking for some casuals for SF5 or MKX