Top Panel Template (HRAP2SA & HRAP3)


Finally…an HRAP2SA and HRAP3 photoshop template.



  • Separate layers for buttons, joystick, dust, turbo, select/start.
  • Layers for 6 button config or 8 button config
  • Just drop in your own art at the very bottom layer as indicated (200ppi)

Should be exact to scale. Print in Legal size and Landscape mode. Don’t “shrink to fit”. People at kinkos couldn’t understand that!

many thanks to mcginnis, vegit814, and whoever made the hrap1 template.

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Sweet. A lot of people will find this useful. Thanks a bunch!


Here’s a couple that i made so far. Will look much better when i get my buttons and balltop from akihabrashop :woot:


Any chance you could put up your Vewlix .psd? It would be especially cool if you had the Photoshop assets you used in layers so that the white button outlines could be moved around to use on non HRAP sticks too.


Awesome stuff. Thanks for this.


I wish it was that easy! You can’t just move buttons around. They will overlap each other. It will become clear when you start adjusting it for your own design.

I had to make the buttons in 4 layers. then stack the layers on top of each other. Here was the process…

  • Create 6 Red Circles. This is the outermost ring. Then merge into one layer.
  • Create 6 White Circles. This becomes the thin white line. Merge into one layer.
  • Create 6 Red circles. Make it slightly smaller than the white layer you just made. Merge it.
  • Finally, create 6 more White circles, slightly smaller than the red layer. then merge.

Same thing was done for the joystick.

Its a mess but here it is.



BTW, the download in the first post has vewlix art in either 6 button HRAP or 8 button HRAP configs.


Awesome, thanks. Hopefully I can make this work for a project I have in mind (using the actual Vewlix button layout).


That’s really cool work, dude!

For the sake of organization, I just cross-posted a link to this thread in the the stick template/layout thread… which is in turn a major mention in the essential joystick threads thread. :looney:


What resolution should the pictures Im trying to use as a background be? The one im trying to use looks pretty bad in the template because its being squished. Does that fix itself when its printed? This is the picture Im trying to use


Very nice, thanks a lot!! :woot:


any photoshop experts in the house?


lol pretty much

i need halp too! :confused:

thanks for the template! :woot:


Check Image mishmash… there’s a PS help thread stickied


shubacca in the trading forum linked to the same file, did you make it or did he? And his version has the 7th hole I think, did you/him modify it and is it just a layer that you simply turned off?


Nice template. Just used it for someone at the moment. Good lookin’ out.


would this work for normal hrap2 (non SA)?


Yes, there’s no difference in layout.


variation on the Vewlix art

You can view it here.


okay guys

i got my artwork from someone who applied it to the template.

and heres the psd

now i have two questions:

what do i need to bring to kinkos on my flash drive? can someone help me with what I need to bring/tell them?

My other question is what did you guys do to the two unused holes when you put your laminated artwork over? you just left them open and put art over them?