Top Player Interview with CigarBoB


Do all ST guys just circle jerk each other?

Nice interview, would like to see more, hopefully less sand…


LOL SJV you know i have always hated you!!! I think you know what i meant and I didn’t say anything that I hadn’t said to you directly in person. Especially when we were debating HDR vs ST at EVO09 during the finals.

SJV and I just have different opinions on the game.

And as far my comments on Srilin. I was asked a direct question and I gave a very nice honest answer. VF4 even edited it down quite a bit.

No need to turn this into a HDR vs ST thing any how.

Yes and your not invited.


More insults, great. CigarBob, I have no memory of that exchange ever taking place between us. The last thing you ever said to me was how great HD Remix is and how much you like it.

Also, Fei Long is obviously better in HD Remix, I can’t believe that’s even still debated. (Just look at how he appears in tournaments now…) Beating Brian is neither here nor there. I beat him really badly in person with Fei Long in HD Remix, heavily using the new stuff. No knock on Brian, it has nothing to with anything anyway.

Sorry to hear that you’re full of negativity. Like I said, last I heard from you was all good.


Thanks for reading and posting in this thread. I refuse to take this to a HDR v ST thread.

I made my opinion more than clear shortly after HDR came out and I do not need to go into it again. FYI I NEVER said that i loved HDR at any point.


Hehe. Ya, i figured I knew what you meant. My only real objection is the insinuation about me thinking I’m some expert. And that’s only cause this thing is gonna wind up on the front page. But whatever, if people wanna call me out on that I can probably take most of 'em anyway :wgrin: It’s all good dude.


Guys, please calm down.

This is just one person’s opinion.

We still have folks like DGV, Afro legends, Snakes eyez, Kuroppi, BTC, ganelon who all love/play HDR, and they would have another side of the story to be told.

Cigarbob is in the ST camp. So just take it as it is. I hope no one is offended as he sometimes can be too straight forward with his words.

We just want to learn more about SF2’s history through different people’s perspective.


if you haven’t checked out the giga vs danpei match linked in the interview, you’re missing some very very solid ryu play



Actually i dont go by caesar people know me now by Mongolorobokop Aka Mongoloidrobo aka MangoRobokop just to let ya know

P.S. I still hate you


hate you too mongo


Good point papasi, good point.


Great interview. Needs more salt.


great interview. the “real” answers are the best part.


hey cigarbob,
it wasn’t really asked much but you did mention that you felt claw is up there among the best. iyo, who is top 5 characters in st.

also, since you pretty much came from the start (ww days), it’s somewhat interesting to see how you prefer st over the other previous games. back then, st was played the least in arcades compared to ww, ce, hf (at least in my area… actually, st was played even less than the bootleg ce machines). many of the people i knew then, actually preferred hf and thought that was the high point as far as gameplay balance/tweaks (although, in my area, ww and ce was still the most heavily played).

zassa is giga-msx? he should definitely be interviewed. i’m curious if he was heavy into balrog before running into daigo. his rog is a beast along with bison.


Also, what are the stick options that you have in your cabs? Which ones do you prefer?


Can we have more Sirlin vs. CigarBob, please? I do so love it when name players fight in forums.

Not joking.


Great interview, nominated :slight_smile:

Whatever happened to MSX? Last time I saw him was the fight between him and NKI about using Dictator at Stunfest. Seems to have gone ghost since then :confused:


CigarFrog is my hero ! Best read in a long time ! Can’t wait to see the rest of these. Many thank yous to all involved.


EXCELLENT interview. Nominated.

Hope to see a Giga interview, haven’t seen him online since a year or two ago.


Please sir can I have some more(stewie’s voice)


Good stuff, nominated. Can’t wait to read the other interviews.


Wow great interview, but this is what ST needs, rivalry, passion, a drive to beat another man…everyone’s vanilla ice cool…perhaps st needs a bit of hype?