Top Player Interview with CigarBoB


<VF4> who do you think are the top three Japanese ST players of all time?
<CigarBoB> Man I have no idea, I have my favoritess, Aniken is my favorite player in Japan, Gian, [media=youtube]s-loLND3Zt8"]Matsun because he is so crazy with his execution, I like to think that my play is some what similar to aniken but that is a far stretch, [URL=“”[/media], but he is also a very safe Gief player,

<VF4> what is your least favorite matchup for each of your mains?
<CigarBoB> For Ken, I don’t really feel like I have any matchups that I cant win with players on my level or a little high, but I would have to say, Honda vs Fei, Honda vs Gief. For Honda vs Fei it is a total turtle fest for Honda
<VF4> what advice would you give for someone trying to win Fei vs Honda?
<CigarBoB> use st.fp alot to stop headbutts, good recovery and good hit box, if you should land a cross up just do cr.jab xx rekka, because fp xx rekka will miss on the second hit of the rekka. If you get the lead some how you can sit back and spam LK to stop the head but, but even when you get in on Honda you have to do you damage and get out.
<VF4> how about Gief versus Honda?
<CigarBoB> staying just out side st.fp range will stuff most of Honda’s moves except cr.jab, Gief versus Honda is where I really get lost, most of the time I don’t even have a game plan to pressure him
<VF4> what kind of Honda players bother you the most in that match? Turtle or aggressive players?
<CigarBoB> Turtle, at least with the aggressive ones I know that I will get a sweep in and get a splash and a dizzy on him, the turtle is just hard as fuck, his cr.jab beats everything, I cant jump at him, headbutt beats everything,stored oicho is a pain in the ass, jab hands, hell all hands. I’ve seen Jodim beast on some really good Honda players but I could never figure out how he was doing it.

<VF4> what is your biggest weakness in ST?
<CigarBoB> My execution, but not in the way you think, I feel like i have really good reactions and exection, and I tend to sniff out psychic DP’s a lot with Ken aid Fei, but I get into a lot of trouble with that too, versus a smart player if I am wrong one time I can die. So something I need to work on is just being a bit more reserved conserve a bit more. Also my FB game isn’t too strong with Ken, so I have to rely on my tricks and tactics Ken’s FB’s aren’t that good but I could still use them much better.

<VF4> which is better…ST or HF?
<CigarBoB> ST IMO, to me ST feels like a much more balanced game, with more options, while I can apprecaite and love HF, it can be very one dimensional in some areas, larger cast of characters and a much wider variety of characters really opens up ST, look at the difference of Rog from HF to ST no where near the same character, Ryu/Ken have become so unique from HF to ST that they can really be considered different characters. I don’t think that HF would have lived as long as ST has if the game had stopped there.
<VF4> were you surprised at how popular HF was on XBL when it came out?
<CigarBoB> Not at all, it was mainly nostalgia and how cheap it was. The game was the PS1 port on Xbox 360, with too much lag. But, whenever you have a game with thousands of players they will keep playing no matter how bad it is.

<VF4> is ST the most balanced arcade SFII version?
<CigarBoB> See, balance is an odd thing, I think that just about everyone has the tools they need to compete vs any character, I rarely ever feel like my characters have any inherent disability that I cant overcome with skill, to play them at a decent level you have to be far better than your opponent

<VF4> Who is the most underrated character?
<CigarBoB> i would have to say Fei.
<VF4> who is the most overrated?
<CigarBoB> Claw, midlevel players fear the wall dive so much that they shit their pants, he is top tier for sure, but you block the wall dive and you are back to even.

<VF4> what do you think of counterpicking?
<CigarBoB> no problem with it, it is up to me to be strong in my hard matches, and its up to my opponent to show nay weakness in my game, I’ve worked really hard on matches like Gief vs Blanka, and if someone wants to counter pick that ill give them my best.

<VF4> if you had to enter a tournament like Star Cup, where you get three locked slots, what team would you field?
<CigarBoB> Easy, right now i would say, Fei/Gief/Ken, if I can get my Dhalsim up to par again I would have to flip a coin for Fei or Sim.

<VF4> You don’t care about what tier your characters are?
<CigarBoB> No, i never really have, I play the characters that make me feel good when I win. Each of my characters I have to out play my opponent, winning with a max range SPD or a backward MK FP Rekka with Fei or a beautifully timed DP with Ken is far more rewarding than picking Claw. I would put my three man team vs any counter picker. I will guarantee that I know my bad matches far better then they know what should be a good match up. i laugh every time someone counters my Fei with O.Sagat. I remember when I started to tell people that I think that match is even, they thought I was insane, so I had to prove it. O.Sagat player after O.Sagat player would die to my N.Fei.

And that’s it. Interview number one is done.


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Cigarbob, thanks for spending the time to share with us.

thanks for your hard work, greatly appreciated.

I think all sf2 fans will enjoy this piece. thank you guys.

[ I talked to cigarbob regarding his comment on SJV. He said they’re friends but that’s just his opinions. I hope people would not take that comment too seriously ]

BTW, “Accept defeat” is so Japanese

I can picture Kuni putting his sword back to the sheath, back on Giga and say: “Accept defeat!”


Can’t wait for other interviews. This is like those good shit that I used to read from SNES game magazines.


Nice interview with Cigarbob VF4.:karate:


Nominated. Certainly a fun read from CigarBoB, who’s always been a fun guy to play against. Glad to see you back from retirement.

That was also a smart line of questioning by VF4. A realtime, custom-tailored interview always flows more fluidly when the interviewer knows how to follow up and is already knowledgeable about the topic. I’d recommend he interview other players he has time and interest for.

This series of interviews that papasi has proposed is really looking to be a great idea because week after week (well, maybe not that rapid), we’ll be receiving a huge amount of info on the game from different perspectives who lived in various places and started SF2 at different times. It’s a great way to promote SF2 and also serves as a fascinating reference to the august history of this long-lived game.


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This interview was as good as VF4 said it would be. Nominated!


Thanks for the interview, vf4 and CigarBob. Great stuff, for sure.


Great job, thanks to both interviewer and interviewee.

I liked this quote: “winning with a max range SPD or a backward MK FP Rekka with Fei or a beautifully timed DP with Ken is far more rewarding than picking Claw.”

But I think the comments about SJV were unnecessary.


Man that desk is so cool.


That was awesome until the “waa-waa HDR/Sirlin sucks” part. I also agree with geo about the incredibly unnecessary personal attacks.


Great article! Bravo on the great job VF4! I nominated it for an article. But 5% of me regrets doing that because:

LOL! CB, you dick! I don’t really take offense to it. I know CB and I assume that was just a friendly jab. But you have some splainin to do next time I’m on GGPO! :rofl::lovin::rofl:

Just to set the record straight, I don’t think I’m an “expert” player. I have no delusions about my skills. If I was to rank my skills on a tier chart, with the Japanse being S rank, and the top US players being A rank, I’d rate myself as a mid to low-end B rank player. In other words I think I’m above average, but certainly not an “expert”.

Now, my knowledge of the game and debating skills may be another story. Hehe, but seriously, I’m a pretty chill and humble guy. Fuck…why am I even explaining any of this. Most of you guys know me well enough :wgrin:


Do all ST guys just circle jerk each other?

Nice interview, would like to see more, hopefully less sand…


LOL SJV you know i have always hated you!!! I think you know what i meant and I didn’t say anything that I hadn’t said to you directly in person. Especially when we were debating HDR vs ST at EVO09 during the finals.

SJV and I just have different opinions on the game.

And as far my comments on Srilin. I was asked a direct question and I gave a very nice honest answer. VF4 even edited it down quite a bit.

No need to turn this into a HDR vs ST thing any how.

Yes and your not invited.


More insults, great. CigarBob, I have no memory of that exchange ever taking place between us. The last thing you ever said to me was how great HD Remix is and how much you like it.

Also, Fei Long is obviously better in HD Remix, I can’t believe that’s even still debated. (Just look at how he appears in tournaments now…) Beating Brian is neither here nor there. I beat him really badly in person with Fei Long in HD Remix, heavily using the new stuff. No knock on Brian, it has nothing to with anything anyway.

Sorry to hear that you’re full of negativity. Like I said, last I heard from you was all good.


Thanks for reading and posting in this thread. I refuse to take this to a HDR v ST thread.

I made my opinion more than clear shortly after HDR came out and I do not need to go into it again. FYI I NEVER said that i loved HDR at any point.


Hehe. Ya, i figured I knew what you meant. My only real objection is the insinuation about me thinking I’m some expert. And that’s only cause this thing is gonna wind up on the front page. But whatever, if people wanna call me out on that I can probably take most of 'em anyway :wgrin: It’s all good dude.


Guys, please calm down.

This is just one person’s opinion.

We still have folks like DGV, Afro legends, Snakes eyez, Kuroppi, BTC, ganelon who all love/play HDR, and they would have another side of the story to be told.

Cigarbob is in the ST camp. So just take it as it is. I hope no one is offended as he sometimes can be too straight forward with his words.

We just want to learn more about SF2’s history through different people’s perspective.


if you haven’t checked out the giga vs danpei match linked in the interview, you’re missing some very very solid ryu play



Actually i dont go by caesar people know me now by Mongolorobokop Aka Mongoloidrobo aka MangoRobokop just to let ya know

P.S. I still hate you


hate you too mongo


Good point papasi, good point.