Top Player Interview with CigarBoB


hate you too mongo


Good point papasi, good point.


Great interview. Needs more salt.


great interview. the “real” answers are the best part.


hey cigarbob,
it wasn’t really asked much but you did mention that you felt claw is up there among the best. iyo, who is top 5 characters in st.

also, since you pretty much came from the start (ww days), it’s somewhat interesting to see how you prefer st over the other previous games. back then, st was played the least in arcades compared to ww, ce, hf (at least in my area… actually, st was played even less than the bootleg ce machines). many of the people i knew then, actually preferred hf and thought that was the high point as far as gameplay balance/tweaks (although, in my area, ww and ce was still the most heavily played).

zassa is giga-msx? he should definitely be interviewed. i’m curious if he was heavy into balrog before running into daigo. his rog is a beast along with bison.


Also, what are the stick options that you have in your cabs? Which ones do you prefer?


Can we have more Sirlin vs. CigarBob, please? I do so love it when name players fight in forums.

Not joking.


Great interview, nominated :slight_smile:

Whatever happened to MSX? Last time I saw him was the fight between him and NKI about using Dictator at Stunfest. Seems to have gone ghost since then :confused:


CigarFrog is my hero ! Best read in a long time ! Can’t wait to see the rest of these. Many thank yous to all involved.


EXCELLENT interview. Nominated.

Hope to see a Giga interview, haven’t seen him online since a year or two ago.


Please sir can I have some more(stewie’s voice)


Good stuff, nominated. Can’t wait to read the other interviews.


Wow great interview, but this is what ST needs, rivalry, passion, a drive to beat another man…everyone’s vanilla ice cool…perhaps st needs a bit of hype?


Let’s have an Arcade ST 2- or 3-man team tourney at Evo2011. $100 entry per team. I’ll add an additional $500 to the pot if we get enough teams. Let’s make this a very professionally-ran side tourney. I would definitely come out of retirement and devote a good 5 months to getting my skills back if this was a real possibility.

My choice of team would be:

Me, Watson, DreamTR


Me, Watson, Afrolegends



Shirt’s i’m down man.

But I will not do teams. That shit is just too hard with so many pools being ran and everyone running off to play.

How about we do the SBR $50 a man 3/5 double elim singles? You throw in your 500 and ill throw in $500 as well?

What do you say?


Seriously, if DreamTR comes to Evo and plays in it, I’ll do a single tourney and donate.

What do you think about Round Robin?

I got something for these new folk. I see Guiles doing good at Season’s Beatings. Are you serious? I eat Guiles for breakfast. I still got some fire in me.


^When is that money match with Snake Eyez in Classic ST happening? XD

You can do it at SoCal Regionals! He’ll be there and I’ll record it. :slight_smile:


LOL I would put $100 on Shirts to win that.


I’d take that bet bob, I’ll drop 100 on snake if it happens.


I’d participate in 50 bucks at evo, 100 seems steep to just throw away my money lol…50 bucks i figure hey, memorable experience and perhaps i get my stick signed by a few legends if i ask politely :slight_smile: