Top player suggestions for Capcom Unity


As Ryu is the norm for all other characters to be balanced… I am extremely curious to hear what top players have contributed to the Capcom Unity thread. There are 46 pages of bullshit that I do not feel like sifting through.

Ryu’s super needz to turn him into SUPAR EVIL SSJ ROO! NOTHING SHould BEAT THE SUREYOUCAN because its the most FIERCE ATTACK IN THE GAME.

… again this is the kind of stuff i was reading in the capcom unity forums. are you being sarcastic?

No, it’s real

Duh, yes. As far as what I’d want for Ryu:
More walk speed, say Evil Ryu levels or something.
Shakunetsu as a separate move a la Akuma.
better (just make it on par with Akuma’s hitbox wise or something)
slower-moving lp fb, faster hp fb (both slightly)

If they go so far as to add Joudan Sokutogeri as a GTFO move, I wouldn’t mind at all, though I guess LK tatsu is already usable for that purpose. The real difficulty in playing Ryu as a zoner comes from the insane amount of moves that say “fuck you” to zoning anyway.