Top Player/ToL Interview with Kusumondo


Kusumondo talks about a variety of topics from X-Mania Europe, what he loves about ST, HDR, who he wants to face in ToL and more.

Big thank you to Kusumondo for taking the time to do this interview. Thank you to @CrasherJ for the super fast translation job


Nice! Thnaks a lot for the interview!. It is interesting that his opinions are quite different from damdai’s about the difficulty of the game. I agree with him about forward dashes.

There seems to be a typo here:


Another excellent interview and just the thing we need to hype everyone up for the last few days before the big show.


Another awesome interview. We so rarely get to have any interviews of Japanese ST players, so this is a very enlightening read. I’ll be cheering for him at ToL.

What the heck is Oni-Musou? Is that Honda’s knee bash grab? Ochio? Hundred hand slap?


Stored super, I think


All I could find: [media=youtube]HqfZPjqF7yI[/media]

I love Kusumondo so much.


Those Hondas have some pretty good control over their fierce HHS. And pretty good reversal ochios they pulled off there. And that stored super for the win was SO sick.


Great interview, thanks for that.

I like what he said about HDR Honda, I wanted Honda to keep his stored Super and was surprised when it was removed.

I totally agree about the dashes in new fighting games destroying the mid range attacks. I think dashes can work in some FGs like Tekken where the normal walks are so slow. But not in a fast paced FG like ST or SF2 in general. The lack of dashing really does make you use your mid range normals more, as a tool to get in or zone, rather than just dashing to get in fast or run away fast.


The less tools you’re given in a fighting game, the more you have to rely on strategy and a strong knowledge on how to use your limited tool set, in order to win a match.


“As I played this game over the years, I acquired many skills such as tactics against opponents or to feel the flow of the match. I found it interesting that I could understand the tactics and flow of other matches, such as fighting matches on TV. It seems like higher level tactics are something that is common no matter what field you’re in.”

I identify with this. When I was watching the Stanley Cup finals, I couldn’t help but notice the way the hockey players control space, feint, “sandbag,” etc. had some serious parallels with high level SF. I used to play hockey, and looking back, I think my strengths as a hockey player (those kinds of things - space control, testing the reactions of opposing players, making decisions based on the data at hand in a fluid/chaotic environment, etc.) are the same as my strengths as a SF player, and that I have honed those skills in seemingly unrelated arenas over the years.

Great read. Thank you.