Top players abandoning Akuma?

I was scouring Youtube earlier on today, looking for SSFIV videos of Zak Bennett. I was looking for these videos because Zak was one of the top UK SFIV players, and mained Akuma very well. I thought by checking out some of his newer videos I’d get a better idea of how to use Akuma effectively in Super. However, it turns out that Zak seems to have switched mains to Balrog, because the only Super video I could find of his was his fight against Daigo, where he chose Rog.

At first I wondered why this was, and then I recalled that Momochi had also switched to Ibuki recently. This got me thinking that the top tournament-level players that previously mained Akuma have abandoned him, presumably because of the significant nerfs he received with Super.

Is this really the case, or am I mistaken? What do you guys think…

Lots of people have switched mains. Its not Akuma especially. Watch Tokido:

the risk/reward ratio isn’t there for him . he can’t stun in a few guesses any more after stun nerf. But he gets stun/dead in a few guesses by the opponent. Why take the risk by taking him into a competition when there’s money on the line. that is what I imagine is going on, but I could be wrong of course.

Momochi did not switch from Akuma. He has said he still mains Akuma and will use him for tournaments. Daigo picked Ibuki for him at GG and he probably doesn’t want to use Akuma online anyway.

Momochi has said Ibuki isn’t tournament material so he is just playing her for fun.

Besides this happens all the time when a new iteration of a game comes out. People just like to try new characters.

I picked up Akuma in Super with no experience with him in vanilla. Hearing how good Akuma was in vanilla makes me wanna play it with Akuma now lol.

Akuma’s damage has been toned down along with everyone else. He can still zone like a motha and has great mix up options. People whine too much. 70% of the roster is fairly beastly in this game. Everyone can win. It definitely feels more like a player skill game than a character pick game, where it’s very likely you can overcome a slight disadvantage match up with superior gameplay/strategy. With that said, he’s still one of the best characters and not many matches are a disadvantage for him.

Why would you abandon a good char. Silly thread is silly.

Seriously, Gouki players count ur blessings cuz when Capcom sent out the nerf nuclear warhead Sagat leaped out out the top tier club house like a true FAWKIN hero and took the brunt of the blast and was reduced to a charred corpse, while Gouki merely suffers from minor radiation poisoning.

Akuma was nerfed yes, but so were a lot of other characters. He’s still a top tier character when played right.

Momochi didn’t switch, he’s just been fooling around with Ibuki, who he said isn’t tournament material.

And then that charred corpse jumped back into line a couple places down.

Sagats nerf is not that bad. He didn’t get Sean’d

Damn Sean got it bad…He went from A in 2nd Impact to F in 3rd Strike. That was just so wrong :rofl:

Hsien chang, one of the Best Akuma Players in the U.S has recently Been Using Dudley.

Reality check, no Akuma has or have yet to win a tournament per Vanilla or Super to date especially among the Pro circle. Akuma is not tournament material though on paper and in some minds it seems plausible but ‘myth’ is BUSTED needless to say.

I take you don’t follow the japanese scene at all.

uhh, no Akuma in NA perhaps, but that’s due to JWong/Valle/etc. simply being much better players overall rather than it being because Akuma is not “tournament material.” You’re retarded, sorry.

Gods Garden 2…

Not to mention Evo had 3 Akuma’s in the top 8. So I don’t buy the Akuma isn’t viable. I bet if Daigo or Wong started using Akuma they would do just fine with him.

I suggest you read the OP more carefully, douchebag. I wasn’t telling people to abandon Akuma, I wasn’t saying I abandoned him myself. I was just trying to get the low down on why certain top players have switched from Akuma.

IMO, Akuma has been nerfed, that’s obvious. But that doesn’t mean he’s now a weak character - just that he game overall is much more evenly balanced. The tiers have became much more compressed and most characters are strong now.

Anyway, good to know Momochi is still with Akuma. I wonder why Bennett switched though?..

Zak Bennet has been using Balrog forever…that was his first main and he’s ALWAYS been A LOT better with him than with Akuma. In super rog barely got any nerfs, that’s why he’s probably only using him now.

I must say it’s great to hear Momochi is still using Akuma. He is by far my favorite Akuma to watch and learn from. Hasn’t been the same without his vids.