Top players don't use the midscreen?

I don’t get it…I’ve never seen RX (or anyone) do a midscreen unblockable on opponents, especially not someone like Yun. It seems the most they do is cr.fierce, ex tackle, mk tackle. It looks like he just wants to bring him back to the corner.

u answered urself. uriens always want to keep opponents in the corner.

  1. People can parry it nowadays, so it’s much more risky, although:

  2. I’ve seen RX do it numerous times.

How do you do cr.fp > ex tackle > mk tackle on the brothers in midscreen?

The only thing i can think of is that yun is like 40% to his side of the screen whereas it is just stupid to try and go for a mid-screen unblockable when you can go for a corner-unblockable.

Anyways, against characters like the brothers it is sometimes better to go for damage instead of unblockables if you…

A) don’t feel comfortable with your execution


B) are facing an opp. who you know can parry it 3/3 times.

Well that combo just makes Yun go backwards into the corner.

i think it’s because 1) ppl parry 2) twins get up pretty fast so it’s kinda risky…

and yeah why do u do ex tackle, mk tackle in midscreen?