Top Players For Various Characters?

I’m way into ST (more so then remix) and I’m looking for the best of the best players for each character so I can see every character at their apex to help me decide on a main. Here’s what I got so far…
Ryu - Diago
Guile - Muteki Guile
Blanka - [media=youtube]5A7S7ST7nlY"[/media]

Help me fill in the rest if you know the standout players and maybe video links to quality matches and I’ll edit this post for reference.

left side are the characters and categorized by top name japanese players.

some match vids of said players.

you’re in the wrong forum, but that doesn’t matter much. picking a main based on top players isn’t a reliable way to go about things. some characters are easier to pick up than others and it takes years of dedication to get to their level. i’m not saying it’s impossible for you, i’m just saying you’re better off picking a character you have fun playing with and then watching the top players of your pick to learn. on top of that, it’s harder to find ST competition because most people are playing remix and such nowadays.

Bleh this was supposed to be in the vanilla ST forum. Guess I need more sleep.

I’m sorry since when was DAIGO a top HDR player

Even though he doesn’t play HDR, I’d venture a guess his ryu would be even better with that fake fireball. It looked like he just didn’t give a shit about HDR at evo though :confused:

That was actually the first time he had ever played it. S-Kill was saying on the stream that Daigo was asking him what had changed for HDR.

You could actually see it in action on the stream. The first match he played was as Guile against a Claw player, who kept doing the fake wall dive to bait out a flash kick. He kept using the forward flash kick, which I’m assuming is the best way to punish a regular Wall dive in ST. The claw player didn’t have to work too hard to punish his whiffed flash kicks.

He was playing much better in losers when he switched to Ryu, but he got knocked out by Graham Wolf, who used straight up boxer skills to take him out.

Anyhow sorry if I’m coming across as a fanboy, it was just kind of interesting.

Without a Japanese arcade release, its doubtful that this game will ever get any serious traction over there.

Not really we played most of the knight befor HDR at evo but, he just could not get into it.

Pony: Zangief
Toutanki: T Hawk
Jumpsuit: Fei Long
Oh yeah btw Maverick i played you before and i saw a vid where you beat afrolegends’ balrog nice man.

So just for completeness sake

De Mavrick: Dictator