Top Ranked Tournament Akuma Players



New site we just launched at SRK. Takes into account Top 8, 16 or 32 placings depending on the size and skill level of the tournament. All results are based purely on tournament placings and not by a a popularity contest:

You can also filter by character type to see all the Akuma players, but currently doesn’t address if it’s a player’s “main” or “alternate” character yet. We’re working on that feature for the next version so that the character sort list can hopefully be a bit more accurate. For the time being though, most here in this forum can recognize who mains Akuma and who doesn’t.

Here’s my mediocre tourney results: Currently #68 in the rank list:


Top 100, Mediocre as fuark.


I’d like to see main/alt too. I’m always curious about who other players secondary. Unless it’s Dakou, 0 mains, 36 alternates.


It lists the main/alt(s) on the actual player’s profile page.


Also, other than my average performance at majors and Fourwude doing really well at Final Round, I feel Akuma is way underrepresented in tournaments considering how OP he’s supposed to be. Seems like only the international players can truly wield his full power when the pressure is on.


hes underrepped in the US thats 4 sure


High level top tiers ain’t these Top tiers 99% of SSFIV players think.
Top tiers in lag … same story.


VolcanicAkuma55 do you ever compete in tournaments? Besides these forums, I’ve never seen your name come up anywhere.


i compete at locals mainly cuz college. trying to get out to more out of state turnys this summer.


Awesome. Can’t wait to see your Akuma in action on the bigger stages.


Be seeing you guys around too. Just connected with my local scene which carries the likes of Tampa Bison, CjTruth, and KnuckleDu.


we just had a turny this past saturday. we had afrocole, team bifu, and even someone from kuwait


Sweet, I’m on a list.


@Kineda ranked higher than -6. How do you feel hot shot? lol