Top Remy Players

Who are they?

What is their rank among other players?

I would say that Pierrot is the best Remy in the world at the moment.

I really don’t see lot of Remy’s today. I know Ryo Chin is great and he knows every Remy tricks that could be used.
Pierrot? I’ve only saw his matches once or twice. So I dunno what he can do.

I have never seen either of them play. Where can I get vids of Ryo and Pierrot?? I tapped combovideos of all their resources.

Pierrot is da shit with Remy. :cool:

sorry man, its all about TAKE.

I have seen Take play be4. He has more of a reserved fighting style (not meaning defensive) with Remy. He dosen’t do anything unsessary witch makes his style of fighting extremley safe and efficent. He controls all areas that the opponent could attack from at the right times. But I can’t put my finger on it, it just feels like he’s missing something. But none the less he is a excellent Remy playa and definately has some tatics worth X-copying. :tup:

Personally I like Yokoyama :tup: :tup:

Take, it’s Take no doubt. But lets talk about usa now.

I saw Ryo Chin playing Remy in one Ranking battle meeting on GVISION. There is also Remy tutorial by Ryo Chin on Combovideos… but i think you can get his fight now only on GFB hub.

EXE has a good remy too, saw him perfect a dudley once

Seems like its up to you to represent USA against the japs.
Go naysayism! :tup:

Does any1 know where to get Ryo Chin’s video’s from?? I have been coming up emptied handed on the searches.