Top Rogue Teams

Rogue is a solid 2nd tier character [IMO] but even though she is a pretty decent character on her own, having some useful team players and assists. Please bear with me since I havn’t tried out all of these teams lately and there will be a lot of editing throughout this thread. Well here goes.

Things Rogue Needs

  • Rogue is a rushdown character and she no projectile of her own this time around. So she needs something that will cover her while she is rushing her opponent down.

  • Rogue doesn’t have a very reliable anti-air. Her c. HP and her s. HK are decent AAs but they can get snuffed by most of the top-tiers high-priority normals. Her AA special also doesn’t have much priority and comes out slow. So a good AAA is helpful.

I’m going to mostly use top-tier and top-tier assists here. So first I’ll start branching off like… Rogue/Storm/???, Rogue/Sent/???, Rogue/Mag/???, Rogue/Cable/???. . . and things of that nature. I know there are some solid Rogue teams that don’t use top tier but I don’t quite remember them that well. Also there will be a seperate catergory for Rogue teams that have more than one top-tier character.

Rogue/Storm series

  1. Rogue[Throw]/Storm[Projectile]/Cyclops[AAA]
  2. Rogue[Throw]/Storm[Projectile]/Psylocke[AAA]
  3. Rogue[Throw]/Storm[Projectile]/Capcom[AAA]
  4. Rogue[Throw]/Storm[Projectile]/Doom [AAA]
  5. Rogue[Throw]/Storm[Projectile]/Tron[Projectile]
  6. Rogue[Throw]/Storm[Projectile]/Ironman[AAA]

Rogue/Sentinel series

  1. Rogue[Throw]/Sentinel[Ground]/Cyclops[AAA]
  2. Rogue[Throw]/Sentinel[Ground]/Capcom[AAA]
  3. Rogue[Throw]/Sentinel[Ground]/Blackheart[AAA]
  4. Rogue[Throw]/Sentinel[Ground]/Doom[AAA]
  5. Rogue[Throw]/Sentinel[Ground]/Cammy[AAA]
  6. Rogue[Throw]/Sentinel[Ground]/Ironman[AAA]

Rogue/Magneto Series

  1. Rogue[Throw]/Magneto[Projectile]/Psylocke[AAA]
  2. Rogue[Throw]/Magneto[Projectile]/Cyclops[AAA]
  3. Rogue[Throw]/Magneto[Projectile]/Doom[AAA]
  4. Rogue[Throw]/Magneto[Projectile]/Tron[Projectile]
  5. Rogue[Throw]/Magneto[Projectile]/Capcom[AAA]
  6. Rogue[Throw]/Magneto[Projectile]/Ironman[AAA]

Rogue/Cable Series

  1. Rogue[Throw]/Cable[AAA]/Doom[AAA]
  2. Rogue[Throw]/Cable[AAA]/Cyclops[AAA]
  3. Rogue[Throw]/Cable[AAA]/Ironman[AAA]
  4. Rogue[Throw]/Cable[AAA]/Cammy[AAA]
  5. Rogue[Throw]/Cable[AAA]/Capcom[AAA]
  6. Rogue[Throw]/Cable[AAA]/Jin[AAA] *

Top-Tier Series

  1. Rogue[Throw]/Storm[Projectile]/Cable[AAA]
  2. Rogue[Throw]/Magneto[Projectile]/Cable[AAA]
  3. Rogue[Throw]/Sentinel[Ground]/Cable[AAA]
  4. Magneto[Projectile]/Storm[Projectile]/Rogue[Throw]
  5. Rogue[Throw]/Storm[Projectile/Sentinel[Ground]
  6. Magneto[Projectile]/Sentinel[Ground]/Rogue[Throw]
  • Jin’s AAA is really debatable as a top-tier assist. Some people like it… some don’t. I just sticked it in there just to make sure there is 6 rogue/cable teams. ^_^;;;

Team Comments

This part will be how good Rogue/??? work together. Add your thoughts too.

Rogue/Storm comments

This duo is SOLID. Probaly one of the best duos in the game in my opinion… right there with Mag/Psy and Sent/Capcom. Rogue’s rushdown is easily complemented with Storm’s Projectile and having Storm DHC Rogue out with Hailstorm is awesome. Plus Rogue’s assist helps Storm set up a lot of unblockable/unrollable stuff.

Storm: dash in, s. lp, s. lk, call Rogue, Rogue hits, dash all the way back to the screen, Rogue lets go, Storm HK launcher into whatever air combo.

Pretty nice stuff and I know it can get even more complicated but since my DC died I havn’t tried them out yet. =/

Rogue/Sentinel comments

This is great… lifebar wise. You have two of the most strongest [defense-wise] characters in the game. Even though Sentinel’s drones can be knocked away, they are pretty slow [a good thing in this case] which can give you some time to help you decide how to attack or simply tri-jump the shit out of your opponent while calling the drones. Rogue’s assist can be used the same way like Storm except the timing is a bit harder. Oh here is a nice damaging DHC for Rogue and Sentinel.

Opponent in the Corner

Rogue: Call sent, Jumping d. HK, s. lp, s. lk, Drones hit, Jumping d. HK, s. lp, s. mp xx Repeating Punches XX GNS… wait until Rogue takes the enemy to the air, XX HSF, wait till the opponent comes down, Sentinel: launcher, lp, lk, mp, mk, rocket punch, fp, fk.

This does a lot of damage and I think it will kill anyone below average stamina. It’s been a while since I done it though… but it’s damaging and fun but you can miss if you mess up.

Rogue/Magneto comments

This is a pretty decent duo I guess. I don’t use Magneto too much but you can pretty much reset the damage [in theory…] when you do one of Mag’s infinites. It’s harder to do unrollable combos with Magneto since his launcher has weird angles but it’s doable. I don’t know much Magneto combos… so… yeah ^_^;;;


I think this duo is probaly the worst out of the 4 other couples. Rogue doesn’t benefit that much from Cable but Cable does benefit alot from Rogue. Unblockable AHVBs!!! You can…

Cable: Dash in, s. lp, s. lk, Call Rogue, Rogue hits, dash to the opposite side of the screen and AHVB!!!

I know that sounds sad but that’s all I have for him. Oh and if you have good timing you can even delay your opponent from attacking by throwing a grenade before Rogue lets go then you can do an AHVB. But unlike Rogue’s throw, Cable’s grenade is mashable hence they might be able to block the AHVB.


Damn this is a pretty good duo as well. Psylocke’s AAA can help up set up some combos for Rogue but if you don’t act quickly though your opponent can roll away. For example…

Rollable: Psylocke AAA hits, Rogue c. lk, c.fp
Unrollable: Psylocke AAA hits, Rogue c.fp

Psylocke benefits from Rogue as well since she can use Rogue’s assist to set up Psyblade XX Butterfly Super combos or help Psylocke set up [rollable] air combos. Only use Psylocke’s Butterfly super to DHC Rogue out since it’s a very safe move and deals the most damage I believe.


I like this duo because I use them ALOT. Rogue gains a lot from Cyclops AAA since she can do mini air combos and score a free power-up. Cyke benefits from Rogue pretty good too. Free MOB’s and launchers but getting the launcher off is pretty difficult and at most times can be rollable or you just can’t make it work.

Semi-Rollable: Rogue hits, Cyke dashes back, Rogue lets go, df. HK launcher.

Rollable: Rogue hits, Cyke dashes back, Rogue lets go, d. HK XX SOB.


In this relationship, Capcom benefits having Rogue as an assist rather than Capcom helping out Rogue. Capcom’s AAA knocks the opponent to far away to do anything unless you know FOR SURE that the Captain Corridor will hit and your close to the enemy, do the GNS right away then XX into the Captain Sword for some good damage. Other than that there ain’t much. Rogue’s assist can help bring the enemy’s face right into a Captain corridor XX Captain sword but this tends to fuck up from time to time.


This team is alright. I mean most often than not, most players would just block Doom’s AAA so that can mess up if you want to combo a power drain. Also if you power drain right when you kiss them, Doom’s AAA could have no effect. Plus Rogue needs few but strong hits so she can take advantage of the game’s damage buffering system.

Rogue’s assist does help out Doom somewhat… free Air Photon supers. I don’t know if this works but I think you can do this…

Doom: Dash in, lp, lk, Call Rogue, Rogue hits, Doom dashes back, Rogue lets go,, c.hp, air combo into air photon super.

But this combo is pretty rollable so just use it if your opponent can’t roll for shit or tends not the roll.


I don’t like Cammy and this type of teamwork. Cammy gives Rogue nothing except that she is an invincible AAA. Woah! But that’s it. Cammy takes advantage of Rogue’s assist though since she can do one of her many OTG combos into air combo and finish t up with a killer bee assasult super. But all and all… this team ain’t all that hot unless you REALLY like Cammy.


Holy fuck… don’t ever… EVER get caught in Ironman’s AAA. That shit HURTS LIKE A BITCH. If Ironman’s AAA does connect…

Rogue: Tri-jump with jumping d.HK, Call Ironman, s. lp, s. lk, Ironman hits, wait till opponent is above Rogue, c.fp, air combo


Semi-Rollable: wait till opponent falls close to the ground [OTG], c.fp XX GNS XX Proton Cannon.

Both of these combos are extremely painful and but they are hard to execute since Ironman is not a very good AAA. Sure it hurts but most other AAA’s like Psylock or Cammy will knock his ass out of the arena.


This couple have becoming quite infamous because of Tron’s evil projectile glitch. This move does a lot of damage… sometimes suprassing some characters supers! Alas I wish I knew more combos with the duo but I don’t know that much… Tron’s assist helps Rogue pretty well to cross up her opponents. Tron doesn’t get much benefit from Rogue’s assist maybe except to connect her capture special xx Drill or Lunch Rush or Super Servbot.


Jin benefits alot from Rogue’s assist. But Rogue gets jack from Jin. Jin’s AAA is a lot like Capcom’s AAA without the awesome veritcal range but it does surround himself and it’s invinicble. Rogue can help Jin connect must of his supers easily except for Jin’s Blodia punch because the opponent can in some point can block while they are getting hit by the super. Weird.


It’s best that Rogue calls Blackheart’s AAA while she is rushing down so she can avoid a whole messs of crap. She can then do a bootleg air combo once the enemy is hit by the AAA but you have to be quick… but it doesn’t do that much damage but hey everything counts ya know? I don’t know if it’s possible to do the Blackheart infinite [HK demons over and over] since when Rogue throws the opponent you can throw your demons at them and they will bounce but I think you can’t keep on repeating after that.

GNS XX into any of Blackheart supers are good except maybe for Armageddon [the one where rocks fall] cuz the opponent can block from time to time. Weird…

The End!

Well I don’t know what else I can write about… I need more feedback from you guys! Tell me what you think.

Rogue - storm - Ken?

It isn’t that great a team IMO but I did see a nice unmashable tempest combo with them together.

Mag: Launch,, dash df, lk, lk, s. hk (1 hit) + Rogue (throw), cancel into flying, Rogue hits, go back a bit, tempest.

There isn’t too much else for them as a team but if you land a GNS and cancel into tempest before Rogue kicks them up, they’ll stay in suspended animation for the tempest.

c. lk + Tron, s. lk, dash foward, c.wp,,, Repeating Puches xx GNS.

Sick damage, especially with Power Up (good god it’s damaging).

Good thread.

Mag: Yeah I like this type of combo. But it’s there is a small chance of error because if you cancel the HK with the Hyper grav, the opponent will get either…

a) in block stun
b) in hit stun

And Rogue can’t grab the enemy when they enemy is in those type of stuns. I think it would be better if was just dash,, Rogue call, Rogue hits, wait for it, grav xx tempest if your looking for something that’s unmashable and pretty much error free. But the combo you posted [which I tried out] does a lot of good damage. I think you can combo more because the opponent remained in the air for a little bit and I managed to get in a jab or two in.

Tron: Here is some crazy shit…

Call tron, jumping, Tron hits, quickly cross-up with Rogue’s airdash, jumping fp, land, s.lp,,, s. mk, repeating punches xx GNS.

OUCH! I havn’t tried it when Rogue gets power up but DAMN… it hurts!

I been messing around with Rogue/Blackheart. It’s a pretty fun team. I need to play more with Blackheart, he has a lot going for him despite what people say.


  1. reverse-tigerknee airdash, call Rogue, Rogue hits, wait for it, s. hk, Inferno xx Heart of Darkness.

  2. reverse-tigerknee airdash, call Rogue, Rogue hits, walk forward a little bit, Inferno xx Armaggedon [it does like 70-80 plus damage! DAMN!]

There are some things I have been trying to do with Sentinel’s flight mode… even though I suck at doing unfly/fly combos but if you cancel your AC with flight, you can call Rogue as they fall down. This works most of the time if your opponent doesn’t have double jump or some sort of airdash or other extra movement abilites. I’m pretty sure ROC had a infinite with Sentinel/Rogue using this trick. It’s pretty difficult to do in tourney play but it’s pretty fun.

Fake Infinite by ROC:

Sentinel: S.rh, SJ., SJ.lp,,, xx Flight mode – Call Rogue Throw Assist – Un-Fly – Land take 3 steps back – Launch and repeat.

Hmmm… I guess that’s it for now. I’ll add more stuff when I can oh yeah here is some fun stuff for Rogue/Doom

Rogue:, call Doom, GNS, wait till Rogue is kissing, Doom’s Sphere Flame [misses], c.fp, AC, Photon Array.

But it’s a lot more damage if you simpy just GNS into Photon Array… just make sure you cancel it right when Rogue kicks the opponent in the air for maximum damage. It does like 75-80 damage for some reason. Weird. o_O;

Well I guess’ that’s it for now… oh wait I said that already… lol. Well I’m out. I hope the Rogue thread becomes popular again as it was before.

Magneto/Rogue is just as scary as Magneto/Psylocke. Maybe not as well rounded but as far as the whole get hit once and die fear factor is concerned, Mag/Rogue has that probably moreso then any Mag/X team.

RK(1 hit) and call Rogue is inescapable. I have never had one person escape out of it if I timed it right EVER. EVER spans over a time period of something like from a few months before B5 till now. If somone doesn’t always do this with Mags/Rogue given the oppurtunity they need to. You know you timed it right if they can’t attack on the way down from the first hit of the RK and if you don’t cancel the RK with anything and still only get one hit. You can cancel it with his force field if you want though to try and make it easier. Anyway, in other words, Mags hit you with one low short into launch and unless you’re one of the heavy characters, you are straight DEAD. No mashing out (you can setup a non mashable Hyper GravxxTempest into infinite), no blocking the right way, Mags doesn’t even have to DHC. DEAD and then some. There’s more tricks to that team but that’s all you really need. Also Rogue’s kiss, give you free switch out into combo after a c. sk, c. rk. juggle as long as not on heavy characters and not too far from the side of the screen. Rogue Kiss is definetly one of the better assists in the game and really compliments Magneto’s rushdown.

Tron is probably the most effective assist for Rogue if you’re rushing down. You land one hit and bam, half, or more, of thier life is gone with the chance to cross up or DHC into something else.

Something I always do is jumpin fp or dhk, call tron slk, jdh, slk shk (launch), sj lp sjlp sjfp, then come back around and attack either high or low while calling Tron. That combo does a hell of a lot of damage and you don’t even gotta use a super. You could just cancel into GNS and then the next person for a lot of damage. But I like leaving Rogue in for as long as possible unless it’s against Sent.

I have been fooling around with Blackheart and Rogue for a bit and Blackheart can take advantage of Rogue’s assist pretty well. Here are some combos.

  1. Call Rogue, airdash back, Rogue hits, LP Inferno* XX Armaggedon

Damage: +80 on level 2 setting

  1. Call Rogue, airdash forward, Rogue hits, s. RK, HP Inferno xx HOD

Damage: 60-70? on level 2 setting

Combo 1: This combo is powerful but you have to be careful that you use LP inferno. If you use the other type of Inferno, it might miss and you could miss the Armaggedon too. It’s more reliable to hit with the LP Inferno XX Armggedon as well as more damaging.

Combo 2: Normally s.rk xx Inferno doesn’t work but if you timed it right, some demons will attach to your opponent when Rogue throws them away. Then quickly cancel the s.rk into the HP inferno XX HOD. I am pretty sure this can’t be mashed because of the bouncing glitch the RK demons do.

Oh yeah… Rogue can GNS XX Doom’s Photon Array pretty good. Normally, the enemy could block after a certain time during Doom’s super and leave Doom vunerable. But if you cancel it right when Rogue kicks to opponent in the air XX Doom’s Photon Array. And you will do the maximum damage.

On another note… opponents can not roll when they get hit from Doom’s photon array! That opens for a lot of stuff since when they are on the ground they are more vunerable as opposed if you cancel the Photon Array when the opponent is still in the air.

Oh yeah… tell me what you guys think of this team.


It’s not that bad but I gotta learn how to play with Blackheart and Doom better since I’m mostly using their assists and supers instead of the actual characters. Well take care.

hey was up everyone I sometime forget to check the rogue thread out because no one ever post something.

I have used a lot of rogue teams in the past first team was Rogue/Wolerine/Psylocke hella good. At b5 I used Rogue/Sentinel/Doom and almost won my pool but the last match I got shot by cable times 3:( I will not ever play with cable because he sucks so much. Now I only use two teams and I will never change it up. Rogue/Storm/Tron…Rogue/Sentinel/jin
O yeah I do not use rogue throw assist because a really good player will never get caught my that, so I use her AAA assist and found out over the past year that it is better than the throw in a lot of ways. Down here in New Orlean there r a couple of rogue player but really can not beat a top tier team for some reason.
I’m the only person that can use her and beat storms,sentinel,cables and of course magneto. I have never really lost against another rogue player I guess because I know all of her tricks. but I’m glad to see other people using her eventhough its a very small amount.
And out of all the rogue players that I see none of them really travel out of state to other tournments. I always seem to place in the top 5 no matter where I go but never seems to be able to win:mad: I’ve only won a couple of tournys in the past few months but most recent was TS3 4th place and Showdown in the South 2, 2nd place…fuck I come so close to victory and lose. But anyway I will be going to all the big tourny coming up such as ECC8,Midwest, and what ever else they have coming up. So I know I will probably be the only one using rogue or maybe 1 other person but everytime I see someone else using her they lose pretty qickly and a since of sadness falls into play:( So hopefully I can go to ECC8 and placed pretty high if not win it. I only worry about 1 person and thats justin wong, he plays so werid and its hard to understand what he’s going to do. So to who every that is not going wish me luck.

And John P from texas… I notice u picked a different team after I beat u at TS3 why did u leave rogue after we played. No matter what situation is u can change your team up a little bit but never ever leave rogue out. you will never be able to beat a top teir team like that, man I’ve lost a lot of matches and everyone was like pick someone else but how can u get better if everytime u r in a sticky situation u leave out your main character. When I travel to tournments I go there for the comp and not to really think that I going to win r anything but just to have fun. At showdown me and mixup was in the finals after I put him in the loser bracket he then picked team scrub on me and his sentinel was really killing my rogue and everyone was like pick someone else and I could have because I do know how to play with magneto and msp and a lot of other teams but I chose to stick with rogue to the very end. I didn’t care about really winning and it wouldn’t have felt right if I won the tourny without her on my team, shit she had got me this far so I stuck with her and went out fighting and got 2nd place. Everyone was like u r a true Rogue player to heart they would have just picked someone else to counter him. I know but I know what I did wrong and next time we meet I will be ready for him. I’m just in love with her thats all.
Well hopefully I see other rogue players at Evoution(b7) this time so I guess I halla at u all later.


Me and my friend use Rogue down here(south texas). He uses her combos better, but i do her rushes better. She’s my favorite character in the game by far. I don’t know that shes top tier seeing as nobody down here is really great with any top tiers(cable, sentinel, storm, etc.)

My team consists of Guile(AA), Storm(proj), Rogue (throw)

Obviously i use storm so i can rush them down with rogue, but i mostly put rogue last as my last resort character.

Oh btw is the only way to link Rogues secret super (air)d. hk,(ground) lk, mk…then super. Is that the only way to do it? I mean its pretty easy don’t get me wrong, but just wondering since i hear your the best Rogue player around.

The only way to do it is if you are using Rogue by herself [so that means you can do that super X amount of times] or if you have one or two team mates left then you need to have level 1 and only level 1. If you have level 2 it will cause your other character to get in and mess up the combo.

yeah thats correct but if u really want to do some damage play with Rogue/Jugg/Jin I use to play with them a while back. Man if u have a level 3 with them who ever helper u hit will lose at least 80% easly. Now this is a low teir team from Hell!


Oh ya’ll I really need help on playing against Cable with assists like Sent (proj or ground), Cammy, Ken, and Cap. I mostly use Rogue/Storm/Tronn or Cammy. I’m really bad about losing my patience and eating too many AAA’s or getting me or my point or assist caught up in AHVB. Tips anyone?

The only thing I can say is be patient and try and bait out his assist.

AAA’s: Bait them out with a blocking jump in then land j. down + RH. If they block do c.LK + Tron, if they block that go for the sj air dash cross up.

If your using cammy aaa assist try not to use it cause it can only hit one person and if that one is not Cable shes gonna die a thousand deaths!

A good one would be like Rogue/IM/Sent. Rogue throw assist helps these two IMMENSELY, giving you a lot of damage off of one throw. Iron Man has the infinite and Sentinel has a plethora of damaging combos. Basically, anybody who can have a very damaging combo off of Rogue throw, is a good match with her.

This combo is 100%… well sometimes it is. Depends on certain things…

  1. If your opponent can’t tech hit for crap
  2. If your opponent can’t mash out of grav xx tempest.

Here goes.

Rogue: call Magneto, j. fp, EM hits, GNS, wait till for the kiss, Magneto’s Shockwave [whiff], (OTG), c.hp, s.rk, airdash downatards, FP throw, dash towards opponent, tri-jump with j,rk, s.lp,, call rogue, rogue hits, wait for her to let go, c.hp, aircombo into Grav XX tempest OR extended aircombo with the dash.

Geekboy: Hmmm… can Ironman really get his infinite off Rogue’s throw assist? Cool’ness! But do what was Ironman’s infinite? jumping, lk, lp, up fp or something? I been really wanting to learn how to use Ironman so I can keep my team mid-tier [Rogue(throw)/Cyke(AAA)/Ironman(AAA)]… been getting tired of seeing top-tier crap of teams consiting two or more of the big four. Kinda boring _

Omg I hate Storm so much! Especially with commando… so much lazy’ness… launch, corridor, hailstorm… FUCK!!! Too much damage and so simple. And Storm gets crazy meter cuz she runs away like a he-bitch. Bah.

It’s only boring if you make it boring. Mags/Storm/Sent/Cable can be played effectively and not boring if you are active. Cable would be the hardest to play “fun” but he can still play a stupid mixup/rush game w/ proper assists. And don’t forget the unblockable low short!

Ya thats why I started to use CapCom with Rogue. He’s a good all around assist for stopping Storm from excessive running + I always combo him into my aircombos for good damage.

Hey I hope some of you rogue users can help me out. I’ve started to use rogue, and she is a fun character, but my problem is that I always get destroyed by Dr. Doom assist. What’s the best way to get around the doom anti air? Vegita X i know you have a really good rushdown storm, and I basically use the same team as you( the rogue, storm, tron team). How do you beat a team such as cable/doom/capcom, or magneto/doom? It seems that before I know it, my rogue is down to half life without even being hit…doom really tears up my tron assist, so I cant really get at the other character. Any tips?

yeah in case u didn’t know r ready there r only a few assists that counters Tron and they are Doom,Cyc, and jin and a couple of the street fighter character but no one plays with them so its nothing to worry about. But for doom I know that it seems almost impossible to beat that team with my team but its very easy actually. First don’t ever call tron out when doom is out because she will get own everytime But it goes the same way with doom if u call out tron first doom can not come out with his rocks. Magneto doom is a lot harder to beat then cable doom, second I’m not sure how well u rush down so that could play a big factor and your defense has got to be solid to beable to defend against magneto rushdown. also remenber to try to snap in capcom and RUSH THE SHIT OUT OF HIM. Be patience u said just started playing with her so it is going to take some time for u to get comfortable with her. Fuck I’ve been playing with her since the game came out and there were many of times I was like MAN FUCK THIS GIRL I’m leaving her all together. O yeah Try to remenber that all u have to do is tap doom on his head and he won’t be able to come out so just try to stay on him before he call doom out. And also when playing agianst doom are really anyone use storm projectal assist it goes straight threw doom and me personly I love to cross people up with it. I really don’t like tron but I pick her for people that can’t seems to stop calling there assist out for some reason. O yeah and please for the love that is Rogue don’t tell me u just try to keep on dive kicking on him because if that is the case u will never win. and if u ever play against a real good sentinel player or magneto player like I have to do deal with every fucking day aka (magneto_x) u better do some serious training if u want to beat teams like MSP,TEAM SCRUB…etc. Also Remenber U have to mix it up on him she has so much to offer other then that kick. SO MANY CROSSUPS AND RESETS hopefully I’ll be finish my combo vid of her and put it on the net in a month or two. I’m finish it but not sure how u put it on line.:confused:

P.S Rogue,Storm,Tron isn’t really that good if each one of your characters isn’t 100% down, remenber storm plays a big part in your victory even tron. Say did u know tron has a triangle jump, I have beaten full magneto with just tron :lol: :lol:

Well not sure if I help or not I can do better showing u then telling u, say r u planning on going to ECC8 it would be cool to have another rogue player at a big tourny like this? Fuck for the team tourny I want to have nothing but rogue players on it:evil: :evil:

HAHAHAHAHAHA soooooo salty:lol:

And it was sent/cable/cyc that won 8-0 thx

As for rogue, veg-x’s is the best, period. i’ve seen vids of other rogue players and their style ect. Nobody i’ve seen has a grip on that bitch to this overall level.

Rogue/tron owns mag/assist happy fool , you gotta utilize somthing else to win this one:D