Top Selling Games Of All Time

What a sad list

pretty much the guitar games, and Call of Duties, with generic staple Wii games.

Still, props to the Wii for outselling several multi-console releases. Hurray for parents who wanna play video games still!

Should the games that are sold with $80 worth of equipment really be eligible for this list?

What no Halo 3 or Sims?

Waiting on the response of someone whos mad because SSFIV aint on that list.

I’d rather see a list that listed the titles in the order of units sold rather than the amount of money brought in, for the reason that Valaris stated.

That list just goes to show how lazy, uninspired, and untalented the average western kid is.

If you need a game to motivate you to get fit, your fucked.

I like how it shows how we either want to shoot u or sing a song about it

I believe that list is incorrect.

Top selling games should be by quantity and not dollar value. Most of the games on the list are bundled with accessories.

The only games I see on there that makes sense would be MW2, MW1, Mario Kart, and Black Ops (minus the bundles).


That’s the American way. You wouldn’t know. :coffee:

We all know Wikipedia isn’t the most credible source, but they do have a page on this. For what’s worth it seems to look reasonable.

I’m extremely surprised Tetris and Super Mario Bros. 3 isn’t on that list.

I spent money on 8 out of the 10. There’s 3, maybe 4 that I consider worth it. And if I was struggling and had to pick and choose which one I needed rather than wanted it would have been the same 4.

I dont think that list takes into consideration the time value of money. Something in the mario series should be there.

Wii Sports got snubbed because it comes free with every new Wii I bet. Damn shame.

Most of the money Guitar Hero and Rock Band make is from the peripherals, whereas CoD makes money off pre-orders and DLC that makes SSF4 costumes and BlazBlue characters look like a bargain

Tetris, I’ll admit, shocked me. But I don’t think Tetris was ever going for $59.99

And Mario 3, lol no. No single console game is on that list (including Halo), with the exception of the Wii shit, that virtually everybody with a Wii needs to have. All the Call of Duty games had the benefit of a tri-console launch.

Guitar Hero 3 is probably the best one out of their whole series for me.

well… do they count that GH comes with shyt? like the entire band set
or how many pissed off ppl returned BO, haha…

What about HALo2 or mario 3

I bolded the part that makes me question your rage.

Thread title and list is incorrect, all it shows is the highest grossing games not numbers of units sold.

interesting list. There’s a couple on the list that surprised me.

Shouldn’t COD MW2 be on top? I thought that made over a billion.