Top SSF4 and UMvC3 matches to showcase to non-believers?


My friend is in to adventure games. He does not get fighting games. Now, that’s not a problem for me, but when he starts to spout sh!t about fighting games having “no depth”, “no skill”, being “boring” and “two dimensional” when he hasn’t even PICKED UP A PAD/STICK and played for himself, then that was too much. He then proceeded to try and have several jabs at Marvel/fighting games in general with ludicrous comments about what actually comes down to personal preferences and his ‘personal’ issues with characters, etc. Makes me mad just thinking about it.

Anyway, rant over. He eventually said that I could/should send him a few matches to show him what it’s all about. Now, I’m pretty certain that this is not going to ‘convert’ him and make him see the light - whatever, I don’t care. You have to make some effort and make a personal choice to get into fighting games/discover it for yourself. But I still want to show him some of the best fighting games has to offer. So I’m thinking a couple of matches from SSF4 and Marvel, tournament matches with commentary (as he obviously has NO idea about what’s going on) and lashings of hype :D. Oh and I suppose they can’t be too long as I doubt he will have the attention span. So, what great matches can you guys suggest I link him?


Why try to force fighting games unto someone who really isn’t interested in them?


I’m not, he asked me to show him some matches, so I’m going to show him some. I don’t go round forcing my friends to play or watch fighting games. But if you come round to mine to play, I have two games - Street Fighter or Marvel. Well actually come to think of it, I have four. I also have Halo Reach which I’ve never played - it came with the Xbox; and um… some quiz game with buzzers for parties.

Edit - Oh and he came round to me about fighting games. If you’re gonna start talking sh!t to me about what I love, you best believe I’m going to have something to say.


If i want to show my friends anything about MVC3 i just send them Combofiend vs Marn Final Round aka Bionic Arm no one in this world cannot say that wasn’t hype even if they don’t like the game or the genre


I think it’s more that his friend bashes the lack of depth. I don’t mind if someone doesn’t like a game, but if they say a game is shallow when it blatantly isn’t… Well, time to set things right :stuck_out_tongue:

Not the flashiest matches ever, but should show that there is something to the game after all. Space control all the way.


Fixed and this.


Well of course he isn’t going to like shit games like SF4 and Marvel 3. You should instead show him something that DOES have depth and requires skill, like 3s or marvel 2.


Daigo v Poongko @ Evo 2k11 where Poongko nails that perfect. So much hype.


Right because showing youtube clips to someone who has no clue how to play fighting games and who’s set on thinking it’s shallow will magically convince them it has depth just through the sheer “hype” emanating from the footage.

Others might try to convince you to not waste your time, but it takes two to tangle. It’s obvious you’re set on wasting your time and energy. Enjoy.


My suggestion would be to pick quality of the commentary, as highly if not higher than the quality of the match.
The problem with showing people who vaguely know about fighting games videos is that for anything other than a crazy combo they tend to think “I could have done that” or like to point out mistakes that they think top players made that they wouldn’t have made in their mind.
Hype does not equal depth. The concept of spacing will probably be completely lost on him so unless someone is doing a good job of explaining whats going on in the match during the video, it may not accomplish your goal no matter how crazy the match is.
Street fighter has alot more going on than it looks like if you don’t know what you are looking at and Marvel 3 has less going on than it looks like if you don’t know whats you’re looking at. If you want to convince someone that fighting games have depth make sure they will understand what happened by the end of the video and not just think that two people hit buttons until one of them won and then a bunch of people started screaming.


Unless that you are going to also take the time to explain what is happening on the screen, why the players did what they did and/or what were their mistakes, and probably what could be a better option i don’t see you convincing him of anything.
For the uneducated eye, any match can be seen as mashing until you land that hit that allows you to do that combo that you practiced, staying still and moving forward and backwards with not reason, spaming the same move/combo over and over and over.


There’s not much point trying to convert haters who refuses to be believers, but you could try showing your friend the classic Daigo vs J Wong in EVO 2009 which doesn’t need a deep understanding of fighting games to appreciate:






show him when marn beat daigo at SBR, making him a pot monster


since he likes adventure games, he probably likes problem-solving. introduce him to that element within fighting games. he’ll probably become interested then.


This is really a Video Gallery topic, as far as I can tell: we’re not really discussing fighting games here. Moved.