Top Team Of Heavy Hitters


I was wondering if theres a legitly good team of heavy hitters, like hulk and sentinel and hagar.

i wanna be a tier whore, i have never been one in the history of my fighting career. I always pick the weakest but now i want a high tear team of heavy hitters if anyone could suggest one that would be great.

also, they don’t have to all be heavy hitters, im fine wit 1 non heavy hitter, and if there is no such team whats a the best high tear team for a nub, i am just starting this game.




Hulk(anti-air)/Haggar(lariat)/Sentinel(drones) is basically one big invincibility frame, and a surprisingly good team.


What do you mean by heavy hitters? Like big fat guys? Or big damaging combos?

Decent big fat guys team would be Wesker/Doom/Haggar. Gives Wesker a beam assist for his teleport mix-ups, and both Wesker and Haggar can hit confirm off a lariat into big damage. Just figure out some ways to kill Phoenix on snap-in and you may have a team.