Top Tekken Tag 2 players to look out for

So I’m not too caught up in Tekken Tag. I really like the game but i haven’t been keeping up with the scene. So What drama and top players should look out for and know about while watching Tekken at Evo 2013?

Koreans JDCR and Knee (the latter is arguably the best Tekken deathmatch player out there).

For the US side there’s guys like Aris, Anakin, GM, Kayyal, etc. Not a lot of drama that I know of…

There’s a Tekken Tag subforum here, too.

JDCR isn’t coming I think. It’s only Knee and Nin. Also, iirc, nobody from ATL and NYC are going to be there either.

Wow that sucks. Aside from the Koreans and the notable players on the GAF link, I can’t think of other notable names who are going.
Nin is really good too.

For the EC guys, stay tuned for the VxG meet which is after Evo, I think more guys will go there too.

I would have loved to have seen ATL and the rest of the east coast show up. It would have changed quite a few things in my opinion.

Who is JDCR_Korea?
I don’t assume it’s JDCR, as I had a very solid connection with the person. I live in NY, and there’s no way a Korea>NY connection would be that solid.

Here’s him playing TR