Top Ten Anime Series


Okay, hi. I am a person who, for most of my life, has not been interested in watching anime at all. But now I am! Yet I have a major problem: I want to buy some off but am at a lost. So I’m here looking for help.

If you could recommend the top ten best anime series of all time to a noob, what would they be?

Please don’t say Dragonball Z, Elfen Lied, Gundam Wing, or Fullmetal Alchemist because I have watched them already.


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I have always been addicted to horror movies. Is anime really that bad?


stick to horror films


Anime is fine. Just don’t turn into a fucking weeaboo
Also anything with the name of Ghost in the Shell


LOL. I guess I have to settle with watching the original Saw movie to night, called Cube.

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What the hell does weeaboo mean?


You act like you know all about japan and the japanese language simply based off the very few words you managed to translate while watching anime.
You also will try to work in a few japanese words even when no one in the conversation has no idea what the fuck you just said.
That’s the definition of weeaboo I have picked up.


evangelion, berzerk, cowboy bebop, gto, slam dunk, rurouni kenshin ova, escaflowne (I actually never saw the whole thing), kare kano, fushigi yugi (I think there are multiple arcs so imma just go with the first one). Doraemon is also really good but more for kids. If you like dragon ball, you’ll probably like doraemon.

I stopped watching anime during the 90s so I don’t have any more recent recommendations.


Bible Black.


Berenstain Bears


it means you have a hardon for all things japan.


Bitch I’ll one up you. [details=Spoiler]Kangoku Senkan[/details]
If you’re gonna troll at least go all the way.

EDIT: Put response in spoilers just to cover my ass, you never know.


Urotsukidoji was better.


Samurai Champloo & Cowboy Bebop are must watches.

if you’re like me and don’t like watching all of that ridiculous bullshit with fairies and magical school girls, and want to see real ass shit(though not terribly realistic by any means)then those animes are for you.


I am into violence and killing (horror movies). Are those still good for me?


I recommend berzerk then.


Oh you’ll enjoy Mirai Nikki then…
MAYBE Sankarea, but it’s more of a Romantic Comedy. Only one scene shows the intestines :c
Maybe Chaos;Head, Maybe C3.
This is why Corpse Party should be an Anime…


Those have their fair share of kills in them but there is a also a good bit of properly done comedy.
Shigurui Death Frenzy has a few fucked up kills in it. Such as pulling out one’s own intestines.
Afro Samurai is a good watch as well.