Top Three Video Game(Series) Music?

What are your top three favorite video game series music?

Mine are the following.

  1. Sonic
  2. Mega Man X (And other Mega Man titles)
  3. Castlevania

Sonic, with these games the music just always seems to fit the mood perfectly.
Hell when I first played Sonic Adventure for the first time and fought Perfect Chaos and than BAM! This awesome song (Open your Heart) starts playing. You really feel like you’re Super Sonic.

Mega Man, The creativity, quality and just plain awesomeness from this series is astounding.
One point for me in particular was when Zero dies for the first time in X1 and you continue on to fight Sigma. This awesome song starts playing as if you’re carrying this heavy sorrow yet a purpose that must continue no matter what gets in your way, truly epic.

I’ll also mention that the intro of Mega Man Zero 2 goodness, the song alone will make you want to play this game.

Castlevania, just like with Mega Man i’ll also have to mention the creativity and quality of this series.
Honestly, it doesn’t even matter what Castlevania game you pick up because you know you’ll always hear good music from it. Super Castlevania, Castlevania 1, Castlevania SOTN, Castlevania Bloodlines, the list goes on.

I remember in SOTN when I first heard The Tragic Prince, I immediately went “Holy shit!” cause really, you just walk through a door than bam! this beautiful Guitar riff begins playing. It pretty much made missing the jumps a few times worth it due to how awesome the song is.

So, what game series music do you like?

1 - Megaman (original and X)

It’s all too good, but there are standouts. Top Man, Magnet Man, Protoman’s theme and Storm Eagle jump out.

2 - Diablo

The mood setting is incredible in these games, 1 moreso than 2.

3 - Contra

The opening theme is iconic, and the music is consistently good throughout the series

Non-series games:

The Terminator (Sega CD) -

Holy crap. Seriously.

Chrono Cross -

Features some truly beautiful pieces. The Another World traveling theme is my favorite

I will second Castlevania.

Of all series, it has the most consistently good music. Every game has good music, even the games that don’t get played, or are bad. And when they re-arrange a song, for a newer game, they do it RIGHT (take notes Crapcom). All the decades that CV spans sees epic music, and on every platform are epic songs.

I have to ALSO second Sonic SA1 and before. From Green Hills to Windy and Ripply all those games have great music. I hear the later games have good music too but never played anything after SA1. And most of this was done on the Genesis sound chip…the Genesis sound chip.

Third is Zelda. When you first the power button in LOZ for NES, you get awesome music. In LTTP, you get awesome music. In all the Zelda games you get awesome music. In Smash Bros…you get awesome Zelda music. Like Castlevania, Zelda has good music from every decade, and on every platform.


SF. Love SF music, but later iteration have fucked it up.
Streets of Rage. 1+2 GDLK. 3rd one shits all over that greatness.
MegaMan. Love every track in MMX1, and MM8. And like 5-6 other random, like Hard Man MM3.
MK. All the 2D ones, plus MK9 are GDLK. Hell if I know about MK4-MKvDC.

Sonic (2&3 mainly)
Tony Hawk
Wipeout series have always had awesome OSTs

Entire series?

Guilty Gear

Single games… I’m honestly going with Flower, Shatter, and Frequency.

  1. Street Fighter 2
    As a kid I could listen to Guile’s, Ken’s, Ryu, Balrog’s BGs all day.

  2. GTA SA
    Huge playlists, something for everyone.

  3. Halo

IMO Halo has best soundtrack, orchestral scores that you would expect in blockbuster movies. Damn listening to these tracks again I need to play campaign now :lol:

  1. Final Fantasy (specifically, Uematsu’s stuff)
  2. Chrono Trigger
  3. Castlevania
  1. Sonic1-4, Adventure 2, Riders 1-2
  2. SF3:3rd Strike
  3. Puyo Puyo

F-Zero, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, any of Megaman/Castlevania/Contra

  1. Chrono Trigger/Cross
  2. FF8
  3. Zelda - OoT

Road Rash(3 I like over all)
Thunderforce 3, 4, 5
Streets of Rage series

I vote for Dynasty Warriors.

(Three times.)

As an overall series…
Final Fantasy
Ridge Racer

As individual games
Ridge Racer Type 4
Street Fighter Ex+@
Street Fighter III 3rd strike

Gonna take a crack at it.

3) Castlevania series
The goth rock/techno beats of these games are consistently good across the board for nearly the entirety of the series’ life. Konami Kokeiha Club was responsible for most of the early stuff, but Michiru Yamane’s “new school” contributions are of equal or better quality. (Standout games: Castlevania I-III, Symphony of the Night, Dracula X, and Dawn of Sorrow)

2) Chrono series
For a series with only two and a half games, it’s pretty divisive. But whether you think Cross is better than Trigger or just a terrible sequel, everyone can agree that the music of both games is stellar. The moody 16-bit pieces of the original game and the CD quality folk/orchestral pieces of the sequal are hard to match, even many years later, and have spawned countless remixes and game concert renditions. (Standout games: All of em)

1) Wild ARMs series
For a series as overlooked as this, the music really stands out. Part spagetti western, part fantasy, and all amazing, the music by Michiko Naruke perfectly encapsulates the wild world of the weird west. The later games of the series saw Noriyasu Agematsu take the reigns, and his work brought a sophisticated flair of classical and rock to the mix, resulting in the some of the best game melodies ever. (Standout games: Wild ARMs 1, Wild ARMs 3, and Wild ARMs 5)

Honorable mention goes to the Final Fantasy series, Tales of Legendia, the HALO series, the Mega Man series, the Panzer Dragoon series, and the BlazBlue series.

There is a human being that actually believes this and isn’t just trolling?

Streets of Rage
Street Fighter III
18-bit Sonic

Honorable mention: Battletoads and just about anything else Dave Wise touches.

Somebody made that claim, I think in the old school gamer’s thread.

I don’t necessarily think Cross is the better game, but I prefer it on a personal level. Does that count?

1.Sonic-Chemical Plant Zone…end of story. And Music is always the best thing about Sonic
2.MvC/SF/Tekken-Idk its just great
3.Megaman-Go listen to Wiley Castle 2 in Megaman 2 and you will see. Oh and Strikeman from Megaman 10

I’d say Smash Bros. But that can’t count. That’s unfair.

  1. Sonic


3.Mario and ONLY for Bowser’s Road.