Top Tier Causes Guilt?

At least this is true for me. In AE, I felt bad going with Yun or Fei, because I knew they were way too good compared to everyone else. Same thing goes for Ultimate Marvel; I try to stay away from Wesker, Phoenix and the like, and go for the more uncommon characters. In AE, I went with Cody and Balrog. And in Ultimate, I roll Chris/Trish/Deadpool.

And now with 2012 patched in, I’m interested in the twins and Fei again, because they were scaled down and not made so overpowered.

I’m just curious; Do you guys ever feel bad or guilty, for picking characters that you know are top tier or have been proven to be really powerful against nearly the entire cast?


Why the hell do we even have that area if you idjits just come in here spamming stupid ass fucking useless threads about “Oh people QQ about me using top tier and I QQ toos! knife to wrist”

Just a head’s up when this gets moved, no one cares.