Top Tier Characters


So what do you guys thing are the top tier characters of this game?


You cannot judge tiers of just 5 days of play.


Well, what would you guess anyway? I want to switch away from Kung Pao, but don’t know what character to pick.


Well the top 5 players on Steam as of now use (in order):

Dr. Shoals
Kung Pao

Don’t know if that tells you anything, but yeah.

But if you’re looking to swap characters, choose someone that fits your playstyle/someone you like. Don’t worry about tiers.


I like Kung Pao, but I feel like I just can’t reliably win against all the quick vertical divers and especially Baz, maybe I’m just playing her wrong though…


Everybody has bad match-ups, but they just require you to play differently. IIRC, the best strategy for dealing with vertical divers is to wait for them to come to you, then kick-back and kick them when they land where you were. As for The Baz, try to bait them into doing horizontal lightning so that you can kick them before the lightning comes out.

I’m sure there’s people that actually play Kung Pao that could help you out better than me though.


Against the high divers you have to be a bit more cautious. Sometimes you can catch opponents on the way down before they have a chance to retaliate. I find that Pao’s max height kickback xx kick is really good for countering the opponent.


I try to get into the unreadable range, but usually it is little good, because they just keep jumping and more often then not counter you coming in… Dive+Kick seems to slow most of time, especially since you can’t really get close because you are outmatch by almost any character with a higher dive, so yea the kickback seems the only reliable tool you have…


Dr. Shoals is very good. She has a quick backdash, you can divekick people at 2 angles and she has great special moves that can move her away from danger.


Woaw, Shoals feels really strong, I just blazed trough the story mode and made Boss S-kill look like a fraud… I don’t get here specials though, how do you cancel them?


The Air Special move? I’ve been playing Story mode as all characters lately, but apparently you can do a FootDive, cancel it with Air Special move (Dive+Kick), you start floating (Dive moves you left and Kick moves you right) and when you start dropping down, then you can do a FootDive again. If I’m wrong, please correct me.


Kick does more damage than dive but dive has higher health.


Wut? Everyone does trillion damage from 1 successful Divekick.


Health: 1,000 // Power: 1,000,000,000

Health: 1,050 // Power: 1,000,102,050

Mr. N
Health: 600 // Power: 19,998

Health: 1,800 // Power: 1,219,000,004

Kung Pao
Health: 850 // Power: 1,697,800,913

Dr. Victoria Shoals
Health: 420 // Power: 400,680

Uncle Sensei
Health: 1,100 // Power: 1,137,041,897

Alex Jefailey
Health: 895 // Power: 40,800 – 1,000,000


Kung Pao hits pretty fucking hard men!


Dr. Shaols seems REALLY underpowered!


Game is full of hard counterpicks. For example, a good Tha Baz player can easily stuff anything Shoals does.

Correct. I actually wrote a quick Shoals guide in the character forums and touched up on this a bit. Her float cancels are a good way to stop a badly timed footdive and hopefully gain positional advantage.


As a Dive player, Kung Pao’s angle is giving me a really hard time.


As a Kung Pao player, I try to bait players into kicking so all I have to do is kickback > kick. Dive is a problem with kick factor, though.


Kenny is a good character. No real bad match-ups, however, the random thing isn’t perfect.