Top-Tier Rock-Scissors-Paper

Ken beats Yun
Yun beats Chun
Chun beats Ken

I hear this all the time, what do you guys think?

As far as theory fighter goes, yes that’s totally right. Does such theory play out in every fight? Hell no…

They all have a tough time with eachother. If the players are equal skill levels though, yeah, IMO that is true.

edit: BUT Ill be damned if Ive ever seen 2 players of equal skill:lol:

I think we’re assuming that we have players of equal skill lvl.

If Chun could do the Moonsault Press, she would have no problems.

Theoretically…yes, that is true.

But anything goes in a match.

Yeah , quite frankly parrying makes it anyones ballgame.
I think this argument has reached a stand still again and again, because of parrying.

If your just looking at it on paper, IMO Chun owns all. But when you factor in the people playing the character it changes the entire game.

genei jen is unstoppable in the hands of top players. so at that level yun pwns at casual level i don’t really know that is separtated by skill. at top level there are skill differences but they are way less than the ones at lower levels so i would say the ability of genei jen is overall better than the others.

but recently at top level like at evo top 2 was chun and other top 5 was 2 yuns so it’s still close and they pretty much beat each other in one set. but over time genei jen has been so good. like k. o. beating daigo at evo one year with yun v.s. ken which is supposedly yun’s bad matchup…and ken’s have beaten chun’s b/f like daigo beating jwong in the same year but he had to pull out a miracle parry lol. but still it’s daigo and that’s my whole pointo of view about the dif. b/w top level play and the people who post in this thread lol, like me and everyone else almost.