Top tier zangief



would C groove zangief be top-tier just for the ability to RC lariats and save lv 3s? in some other thread someone talked about how an RC lariating zangief is untouchable by some other top tiers like cammy, and has an even match with sagat. since it’s so good, coupling that with the fact that you can store lv 3 for use any time should make C-zangief top tier?


C-Gief is in my opinion the best GIEF. Saying he is top tier is a whole different story. I believe he does well against CBS with RCs, but he dies to Athena, to Chun, to Hibiki, to Sak, and basically a whole bunch of other characters.


while we’re on the subject of top-tier zangief, anyone got any top tier strats with him?

How do you know when you want to RC punch lariats or to rather do RC kick lariarts?

Which move is better for wake up?

The RC lariats seem best suited for anti air, is there anything good for his ground game? I know to use his d. fierce and d. foward for zoning, but are the lariats practical for ground?

Usually I do the lariats on ground and move backwards, if opponent does low attacks the lariat won’t kick but his move also won’t hit so we kind of reset.

Any other helpful stats?


I tried K-gief, but I had a really hard time getting in on anybody. Kim walking up and doing s.HP was actually giving me trouble. I couldn’t find a quicking hitting and safe normal move to throw out either. Everything I did was roll bait. If only gief had a like a Ryu d.MP or something. I watched Ino play K-gief. Looks like Sagat s.HP and such was shutting him down too. Mostly had to resort to low jump HP alot and whiff low jump HK, grab tactics. K-gief is great on paper (JD Vega d.HP, 360 grab him from like half screen away actually works), but I’m having a tough time making him good in real matches.


Tips on zoning with K gief, particulary against Sagat. goes under sagat’s S.fp so use that at the appropriate moments. is also a very good poke, the range is very deceptive and it has a LOT of priority. I like standing and crouching FP with him too, but if you mess the ranges up you are leaving yourself open for punishment.


Gief hasn’t changed much in that all moves that hit MID are Kick Lariat bait. Everyone who used Gief in A3 knew about this for the Dhalsim match, where it is godly.


C.Jab is almost as good.


That’s why I put C-Groove over K for Gief - RC Lariat helps with this a LOT.


Thanks for the tips Gunter. I never played gief in A3 so that info should help. I’ll keep at it with him…