Top Tiers in Alpha 3... no point in playing other fighters?

i mean… if characters like Sim or Gief or Juni rule the game… why play others? what purpose does the game have for someone who just DOESN’T LIKE THE dmnd Gief Sim of Juni? better go out and play other stuff or there’s still hope for the rest of the characthers?

Tiers are just a buzzword

Anybody can beat anybody with anybody if they’re good enough

Just about anyone in V can be a formidable opponent.

Although I’m convinced V-Sak deserves her own tier. Annoying doesn’t even begin to describe her…

Since when was Juni top tier?

Alpha 3 has a much larger competitive cast than most other fighters. There are very few characters who outright can’t compete. I find that A3 is a very fun game to play with a lot of different characters, which I can’t say about a lot of other fighters.

Tiers do exist btw. They are supposed to measure how the characters stack up against one another if played by equally skilled players. A players skill level should have nothing to do with how tiers are formed (there are a few exceptions to this rule).

dont make blatent claims about the game if u dont know what your talking about please… just search for the other 400zillion threads about the tiers. :encore:

for what? to see how they slay the rest of the characters? well, i have read the top tier list and it goes like Sim Akuma Gief and Sak in the first places… so it just means that they can beat anybody? if I play Bison do i stand a chance?

You definitely have a chance against all of those with Bison. might have to work harder, but you have a chance. Bison’s only hopeless against Chun and maybe Guy (haven’t seen that matchup enough, but characters that neutralize Bison’s skull dive give him major probs.

Doesn’t Chun give everyone below her trouble? She’s like a one person tier divider.

ok thanks for the opinions… tell me something… is it rewarding to defeat Shin Akuma on PSX at expert level? with Bison or Rose?

Rewarding in what sense?

Z3 has the blurriest of all tierings in any fighting game. Low tiered character (say, Honda) has a much better chance than Roll does against Magneto.

And, despite being an old game, the tiers still shift.

playing on lvl 8 or even 7 gives a false sense, the cpu does things that impossible in th game engine on a regular basis.
geif btw is not in the same tier as sak or akuma
plus u left out v ryu v chuck v ect thats why u should find the other threads so ul actually understand how the game is looked at except use exerts to judge who beats whom. =/

uh gief is top 4. thats been astablished for years. its a-sim, v-akuma, v-sak, v-gief. those top 4 have not shifted in years. the rest of the tiers shift so much that theres no point in trying to figure it out


As far as low tier, I would put Dan, Juli (not Juni), and Honda in low tier.

Everyone else falls somewhere in mid/upper-mid. And the tiers in mid/upper-mid shift way too often to make a solid listing.

To put things in perspective: In the last two A-Cho 1on1 tournaments, first place went to V-Karin in one. And in the other one, first place went to V-Sodom.

In the last A-Cho 2on2 tournament, the winners were A-Charlie and V-Vega (claw boss) team, who beat A-Dhalsim and V-Akuma team in the finals.

So it’s not like the top tier are simply godly. They CAN be beaten, even by the mid tiers.

Also, V-Ryu and V-Sagat are worth mentioning as “solid” characters, but it’s still really hard to rank them.

bas personally said that v ryu v geif and v charlie were around the same area, forth yes but theres a bit of a gap between akuma and sak__then the rest imo

then you say that i have chances to beat anyone with M.Bison (shadowlaw?)

ANyone but Chun.

Tier system is flawed because different players are good with different characters, and each player has a different skill level. So it’s hard to judge where all the mid-tiers stand.

For example, there is one amazing rolento player in japan, who goes really far in tourneys with rolento but not far enough. But what is someone like bas who mastered the engine/matchups played with rolento ? Maybe he could win tournaments with him, we’ll never know cause he never tried him.