1. Alex Valle
  3. Mike Watson
  4. Gee-O
  5. Justin Wong

O.G. in the oldies. 2002 rocking the house. Name your top list



  1. Pherai
  2. Cookeye
  3. Lance
  4. Pherai’s perro
  5. ??

  1. nasty time pyro q

  2. akuma-haxs post count

  3. 2nasty tha stomp gawd

  4. this youtube video

  5. theshend (i know hes not us)


JR is rly good at beating up beginners that don’t know how to block, but what happens when he runs into decent players?

just take a look at his skill lvl after 10 years of playing SF3

I can name you 100 US SF3 players who are easily better than pikachuakuma
heck more than 70% of the SF3 US players @ fightcade would completely destroy JR’s fraud akuma
a friend of mine who rarely plays sf3 rekt his akuma 10-1 easily in SF3 and JR uploaded NONE of these matches on his channel as expected
also lol after 6 years JR is still dodging any good player who has been calling him out in this game - NicaKO


Shut up idiot. Go back that steaming garbage you play called SF5.


ugh way to ruin this awesome thread with your weird jr obsession you loser.


can you say one fact / thing that makes JR a top 5 SF3 player in USA?

not too long ago JR said he would be able to easily keep up in Japan and that Japanese players ain’t that good compared to him on one of his videos when so. asked him about the Jap scene.
anyone in Japan would completely destroy his akuma

pikachuakuma hasn’t beaten any strong player in SF3 during the last 6 years, oh wait he beat gootecks, max dood and LTG :slight_smile:
when was the last time he went on a SF3 tournament and did well? when?
I ask you when? you can’t even tell…

ah you also mentioned garbage and SF5 in one sentence, JR played 60 matches with Akuma in SF5 and he lost 56 of these because he got no footsies, random dps,random demons, random jump ins, no fundamentals etc. basically the same way he plays in SF3. but hey mr fanboy, he can’t hide his losses in SF5 anymore
how is it even possible to lose 56 out of 60 matches in gold league in SFV? you must be rly horrible at fighting games in order to do so

JR is garbage in SF5 as well with akuma :slight_smile:

“top US SF3 players”, get a serious clue before you are starting such a topic or change the name of the topic to " favorite US SF3 top 5 players "

watch your words fanboy
tell me one thing I said above which is not the true?
can you? you can’t. INSTEAD of actually coming up with any arguments or facts, all you do is telling me to go back to garbage SFV?
but hey this is how the internet works right
if you support frauds and cheaters like him, keep doing so :slight_smile:

he needs to go back to SF4 cheat his points to 7k PP


have you even watched the vids I posted above?

500 perfects vs dem beginners
now plz do everyone a favor and stop talkin


JR beat Pyro in a tourney 2012 and just recently beat tenren in a FT3 set.


@LiangHuBBB do you literally lurk 3rd forums until someone mentions jr you fucking retard no one cares about him he’s just a meme at this point we all know the score you fucking retard


What is it about this game that makes people constantly want to mention how bad certain players are. You should just go the RVN route and make some wiki page where you obsessively fill it with every example you can find of how bad that player is.


you really dont know what the fuck youre talking about


i just red parried ibuki sa2.
ask me anything.


Can I give you $5 for your accomplishment?

Is it a bannable offense to post pictures of Oro’s dick?


please send any donations to the Twelve fund.
you’ve already met some of our members/proselytizers.


that got me a mod warning years ago :s


I forgot how fun this section was. Glad some things never change.