Top Yang Players To Follow

Hey guys

Being new to Yang, I was wondering who the top players are that we Yang players could follow on PSN or XBOX LIVE. Post some names below! Thanks!

By no means am I a “top” player, but I think i’m reasonably good. I can definitely help beginning players, I’m not so sure about upper intermediate/good players. But yeah, I’ve been playing on the Up Your Game stream on SRKs front page on PSN. I also play XBL too, I’m gonna start trying to get into the Peaceful Jay’s Stream lobby. ^^

Check it out. If anything, better players can leave me criticism, which is always welcomed ^^

nemo sako alioune 666

Does anyone know Ojisanboy’s Gamertag cause I would like to follow him as well. But I have some other names to add to the list.

[]alioune 666
]FNEX Shiine
[*]PJS IkeTakeda

Well I have XBL, so maybe we can play some. Add me up l Hermit l on xbl. I’m trying to get better with Yang myself so maybe you could teach me a few things.