What is your top5 characters in CvS2? The reason why I started this thread is that I need help in my character choice.

I heard that Capcom characters are in an advantage over SNK characters. Is that true? Why is it?

Many Thanks to those your would be so kind to help.


Do not listen to dumb rumors like that. Almost every character in the game has potential. I have seen almost all them played very well and seen them beat the best of characters and players. Personally I guess my top 5 favorite characters would be Bison, Blanka, Sagat, Rugal, Eagle if that helps any.


my top 5 are kyosuke/yun/yuri


How bout we try and not be a dumbass by saying Kyosuke, Yun, Yuri, when your sig says otherwise. Also Yuri is actually a VERY useable character.



Top 3 characters for scrubby players are Cammy, Blanka, Sagat in any groove.

If you’re less scrubby, A groove Sakura and Bison make up the other two.

Far behind these characters are some people who are usable but really suck in some ways. These include Chun Li, Iori, Geese, Kyo, Yamazaki, and Eagle.


What do you mean by far behind, are you saying that this characters are not as useable as they are thought to be?

Well, your top 5 doesn’t seem to have many SNK characters in it. :confused:

Anyhow, my personal fave are Joe, Rugal, Ryo, Sagat and Akuma. Do you guys have any comment on this characters? What are their pros and cons especially Joe, Rugal and Ryo.


By ‘far behind’ I mean either they are overall weaker (e.g. Yamazaki) or they have horrendous matchups against one or two people (e.g. Iori, Chun Li).

Blanka has a horrible matchup against A-sakura, true. But RC ball means he can OCV half the cast for free so he stays in there


Least work with best results = Cammy:p

Top 5 is:

Notice that yes they are all capcom characters = P

Not to say that SNK character are useless; just gotta work harder


Like I said before, fuck what other people say, about characters sucking and shit. You really need to just sit down with some characters you like and play them. Try them against some good competition and then make your own opinions.


Amen. It all depends on your preferances. like slow and stong guys? Or fast and light guys? I use a decent Mix. And don’t get skilled with JUST 3 guys. Practice with about 5 least. Sometimes you’ll find a guy who just rapes you, change your groove/team up a bit. I mix with K groove Terry/Ken/Rock/Kyo/Geese and S groove Terry/Rock/Kyo. Only 3 for S because I just started it :stuck_out_tongue:


in no order…

C-chun li


MZ stop trying to confuse Joe. He didn’t ask if SNK characters had potential or not, he asked if Capcom characters have an advantage, and they do. The reasons why, are becuase most Capcom characters have dominating tactics that amke it easier for them to win than other characters. Some SNK characters are really good, but the top 10 Capcom chars are alot better than the top 10 SNK. My top 5= Bison, Sak, Blanka, Chun, Iori.


Well, so it’s confirm that Capcom characters do have an advantage over SNK characters. But anyway, I will still practise using some SNK characters like Joe, Rugal and Beni, As for Capcom characters, I think I will go for Akuma, Cammy, Yun, and Sagat.


my top5 chars would be Athena, Blanka, Sagat, Vega(claw), and… can’t really decide a 5th one, probably Balrog/Geese/Cammy/Hibiki/a lot others… I play at home a lot so I use every character basically… but my best would definitely be Athena+Blanka+Sagat, my main team.


top 5 characters…

I would have to say my best five characters are;

In no particular order

  1. A - Bison
  2. A - Sakura/ A - Blanka
  3. C - Sagat
  4. C - Guile
  5. C - Cammy



  1. A Rolento
  2. C Yamazaki
  3. C/A Chun Li
  4. C Sagat
  5. C Cammy or A Vega



  1. K/C Blanka
  2. C Ryu
  3. C/K Cammy
  4. C Kim
  5. C Mai/Iori

my sagat sucks and i dont know why==my chun is ok now


My top 5:

Kyo- K/C

Bison- C

Yamazaki- C

Ryu- S

Eagle- A