Topanga is Finished



If you all got to watch it! It was pretty exciting. Kindevu with his Cammy took on Daigo’s Ryu in one of the matches.

If you want to watch the whole thing, I watched it here. Hopefully it’s still up… youtube removed most of the later footage.


P.S. try to avoid spoilers for people. :lol:


Kindevu vs Uryo

Kindevu vs Tokido


Thanks dood.


Watching the Akuma match in particular helps confirm a few things for me:
#1 People who have argued Akuma’s teleport isn’t effect against Cammy don’t understand the mechanics of how it can be super useful.
#2 Combo drops are a problem even at the very highest levels.
#3 This idea that Cammy is going to stun Akuma in 2 combos doesn’t translate well in real competition.


Cammy combos need super focus


I make the same mistake most of the time when I punish with cr.hp, xx sa. Not when I use it in other situations but when I’m punishing with it. I don’t know why that is.

Also the dropped combos might be because of online, you know. Probably not, but maybe.


Online is definitely a factor… Kindevu dropped 3 c.hp, links in one round against Mago’s Fei Long… he still won that round which shows the matchup is nowhere near as bad as it used to be… a dropped spiral arrow link before resulted in 350 meterless dmg…


He used low stun combos and didn’t go for any optimal ones. Not even when he got the chance to.


Yup he went for cr fp cr mk arrow when he could have done almost. Anything. St mp cr gp cr mk arrow which does more damage and sun or even done an ex tkcs and had a lot more damage and options.

  1. Topanga League isn’t even close to being finished. There will a ton more matches featuring Kindevu’s Cammy
  2. Kindevu’s Cammy is VERY bare minimum. I don’t think he knows any character specific combos. It’s moreso Kindevu’s skill being shown in these matches
  3. He was dropping very simple game winning combos on Tokido (probably because of online, even Daigo was dropping links that he always hits)

Lets wait until the offline portion of Topanga League to really analyze these matches


Yea. Either he doesn’t want to risk 1 framers online or he isn’t experienced enough with Cammy yet. But I’ve heard an interview with daigo and friends that they claimed japanese online is so good that they couldn’t feel the difference. If it still holds today, then my guess is that they are too used to the arcades cabinet that when they play on an xbox, there may be some input lag hindering them.


That interview is flat out bullshit, plenty of top players like Momochi disagree. Using online skill to rank some players is not the way to go, plenty of American players thought Momochi’s Ken was ass due to GodsGarden Online 2 and he lit them the fuck up @ Season’s Beating. (He shut Justins Rufus down so good in the international 5v5 Justin didn’t even select Rufus in the Winners Final)

Kindevu has missed heaps of c.hp links in Topanga, Daigo has missed his solar plexus c.hp links too. (I still think Fuudo would’ve won the set anyway)


Where the other vids at? Anyone got that super secret hook up?


If online 360 in Japan is bullshit, then Evo has been bullshit for the past 3 years since it runs on PS3, which has very similar delay offline to max green bar 360 online (Japan). I would agree with Daigo’s assessment of Japan netplay being reliable enough to use to judge skill, because otherwise you basically have to disqualify everything held on a PS3 ever.


why do i always feel that xbox is skipping frames on me? (offline)

i rarely drop anything on ps3 (granted, with the proper setting+only pick training room).:sweat:

i switch back and forth between the 2 consoles. i would say ps3 (again with the proper setting) is closer to the real arcades then xbox. i swear xbox runs/feels faster.! i dont have a concrete proof tho. just a feeeling.

i heard PC version is the best.


PC version requires triple buffered vsync to maintain 60 fps instead of rollercoastering around, but the game doesn’t feature that, you have to force it with some software like 3D3Overrider or something.

It does feel much smoother than PS3 once you do that, though. I haven’t tried on 360 much so I don’t know about that. We’re getting off topic, though.


Unfortunately there is no proper setting to remove the extra 2F of delay on PS3, so it can never reach arcade standards. Xbox and PC do, though, at delay 4 (instead of 6 per PS3). None of PS3, 360 or PC drop input frames.

Sorry for the offtopic. :frowning:


Tokido (Akuma) vs Kindevu (Cammy)](


RF (Sagat) vs Kindevu (Cammy)](


Mago (Fei Long) vs Kindevu (Cammy)](


Uryo (Sakura) vs Kindevu (Cammy)](


Momochi (Cody) vs Kindevu (Cammy)](


Sako (Ibuki) vs Kindevu (Cammy)](


Haitani (Makoto) vs Kindevu (Cammy)](


Fuudo (Fei Long) vs Kindevu (Cammy)](


Kindevu (Cammy) vs Bonchan (Sagat)](


Kindevu (Cammy) vs Daigo (Ryu)](


Kazunoko (Seth) vs Kindevu (Cammy)](


Ooooooo, actual downloads, likey.


Awesome! Thanks for these! Any chance you’ll be putting up all the matches?

EDIT - Should let you know that Kazunoko vs Kindevu is corrupted.


Can’t wait till the offline half of the topanga league to see how much it changes.