Topanga league discussion thread

-----------------------------edit: I posted this at almost the exact same time as HFX posted his. Just ignore this thread----------------------------

Topanga is a 12 person invite-only league that is being done over the course a full month. Featured players are:

Daigo (Ryu)
Mago (Fei)
RF (Sagat)
Bonchan (Sagat)
Kindevu (Cammy)
Haitani (Makoto)
Kazunoko (Seth)
Tokido (Akuma)
Fuudo (Fei)
Sako (Ibuki)
Momochi (Cody)
Uryo (Sakura)

You can read the basic format and dates here:

Also the games are being reported on live as they occur and final standings are posted on the main blog page:

(note this blog APPEARS to be written by a non-native english speaker. So while it is easily understandable there is certainly the occasional misuse or grammatical goofs that make it kind of "engrish"y it isn’t that bad though.)

The league is only being streamed premium though with the entire 12 episodes (11matches each) costing a whopping 45$ (3500yen) or 500yen per episode (6.50)

Interesting thing though: the first 6 rounds of matches are done ONLINE but the second 6 rounds are done OFFLINE. Just something I thought was odd.