TOPANGA League - Japan's SSF4 AE Top Players Pay Per View Event -

So yeah, I’m not sure how many people on SRK plan to watch this stream due to its cost/timing. However, I’m sure there are quite a few of you guys who plans to do so and might need some help navigating niconicovideo site (it can be confusing, even to those who understand Japanese).

Purpose of thread:

  1. Guide on how to purchase the stream
  2. Guide on how to watch past streams archive
  3. Schedules/News etc
  4. … and of course, match predictions/results discussions/reactions etc
  5. I will attempt to do breakdowns/commentary of the matches(when possible), dont expect any expert writing though… lol

I’ll also try to help with any other questions yall might have regarding this event.

Topanga League Official Site

How To’s


1. How to register a niconico account
2. How to purchase niconico points by Fubarduck
3. How to purchase the stream

  1. How to watch archives of the stream

To those who have bought the 3500 points(about $45) all matches ticket on NicoNico (you can also buy specific episodes). You can watch the streams you’ve missed (due to purchasing the ticket afterwards, or simply because of the timing). Even if you watched the show live, you’ll be able to watch the stream archive later (earliest you can watch is 30mins after the show ends). Keep in mind though that once you start watching the episode archive, you’ll keep having access to it for the next 28 hours.

Episode page links: *round 1 *round 2 *round 3 *round 4

*round 5

*round 6

Click on the red button “タイムシフト視聴する”.

There will be a pop up and pick the left option (pink/purple button).

That should be all.

my attempt at pseudo-live breakdowns/commentary


Round 4 - 27th Jan 2012

1. Kindevu vs RF
2. Momochi vs Fuudo
3. Mago vs RF
4. Sako vs Bonchan
5. Haitani vs Kindevu
6. Momochi vs Bonchan
7. Fuudo vs Sako
8. Daigo vs RF
9. Uryo vs Momochi
10. Fuudo vs Haitani
11. Daigo vs Momochi

Round 5 - 28th Jan 2012

1. Tokido vs RF (recorded match)
2. Sako vs Kindevu
3. Kazunoko vs RF
4. Uryo vs Bonchan
5. Momochi vs Mago
6. Sako vs Haitani
7. Momochi vs Kindevu
8. Kazunoko vs Haitani
9. Uryo vs Sako
10. Momochi vs Haitani
11. Daigo vs Kazunoko

Round 6 - 29th Jan 2012

schedule/results so far


For now, you can refer to this Tokido fansite

other useful links

1. Time Zone Converter

2. Currency Converter [/details]

Rofl. I was making a thread about Topanga league at the exact same time you posted this. The post times are only 2 minutes apart. (I reported my thread so it could get deleted) <- this person is doing fairly simple breakdowns of each match as it occurs and posting the standings.

Onto the league discussion, I wonder what is up with Tokido? I haven’t actually gotten to see his matches due to the huge cost, but he is 3wins and 7 losses currently. With 2 of those wins being close 3 to 2 sets. I mean sure, the nature of the game is that if there is a winner there is a loser but nobody is doing even close to as poorly as him. (unless you count Momochi who is 1w 3losses)

lol i was this close to gettin inside my futon and sleep but ill answer this

Tokido is going to Germany the next week for an event or something, so he had to finish his matches EVERYONE in 3 days.

I’d assume that it might cause fatigue to play so many matches like that, plus he had less time to prepare for everyone while other players get to see whatever tricks certain players have shown and take note.

I heard Tokido was taunting after he stunned some players.

He wins the whole thing <3

45 buck!?!

so 8.95 Kappa

One time he taunted, took the round, but lost the match. (took the set though iirc)

But yeah, Tokido was not the only person dropping combos. I think so far the person most consistent with combos was Sako.

Since taunting here is called PA(personal action i think), people been calling tokido, pakido during the stream… haha.

[LEFT]Just wanted to add that instead of only being able to view the archive once, you can actually view it as many times as you like within a 2 day period from the time when you opened the archive. [/LEFT]

thank you for this info

ive only tried watching the archive once yesterday, and the usual rule is that you can only watch once but i think i caught they said during the stream yesterday that for this event, they changed the rule a bit to make it more worth it to people who paid… but yeah, i just need to confirm a lot of stuff myself first…

edit: yeah ive confirmed this though i dont think 2 days, somehow i missed the pop up that said i can watch this until 24th Jan 528am (started watching on 23rd Jan, probably around 3-4am…)… so its a day+ ish for me…

To those who missed the 3rd round, on my page it says that “to paid viewers, they can watch this on time shift(archive) until 1st April 2012 midnight.”

Though I guess once you start watching it, there will be that 1day-2day limit. Not that you can watch the stream unlimited times until 1st April.

(I assume its the same for round 1 and 2 vids too)

Were these matches played online?

yeah, the first half of the league is online, 2nd half going to be offline

Is it possible to buy tickets for round 2 or 3 only ? Thanks in advance !

Should be possible but i’ll try to confirm this.

Why would you wanna watch past rounds though? Its more fun to watch future events as they unfold, live(if possible). Obviously thats just my opinion lol

To people who truly cant afford it etc, I’m sure there are bootlegs floating around the net. Just gotta be smart about it LOL

Not that I’m promoting anyone to do that or anything…

Tested and working for individual rounds :slight_smile:

So, once you activated the time shift function, you can watch it anytime, as many times, within 28 hours from activation.

I did mine at 1259am thursday, and it stated that I can watch it until 541am friday.

SO yeah, by the way, anyone wanna post predictions or something of this week’s matches? lol

OverheadGreg’s YouTube channel was shutdown recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was cos of the Topanga matches.

Yes it was.

The company that owns niconico douga site(where topanga league thing is currently running) shuts that channel down… They reallyaint fuckin around…

Its sad, but also kinda hard to really defend … because the channel was clearly breaking the rules to upload those topanga league matches, and its all written in the agreement that you signed when you created your account that youtube has the rights to terminate your account if you broke the rules etc bla bla… (well thats what I get from glancing through some of the stuff in the agreement… who reads those stuff anyway? lol)

I guess the moral of the story… dont upload fresh PPV stuff to youtube? :shrugs:

Time to upload the Round 2 and Round 3 matches on Dailymotion now Overheadgreg LOL

The moral of the story is that big companies are not merciful, even when the little guy “learns his lesson” and apologizes for having uploaded the content. They have no problems going after him to the fullest extent, and screwing the community out of 2,000 (and counting) match videos.

While it’s technically within their right as a company, there are some things you probably shouldn’t do out of goodwill. Remove the offending videos and give a stern finger-wagging. They probably don’t know (or care) how many people watched Greg’s videos on a regular basis.

I used to be excited for Topanga, but now I don’t care anymore. They certainly won’t be getting any money from me, for this event or any future one.