Topanga World League LG monitor


I have been looking for the monitor they had for a while, I don’t know if the one they have now is a newer one… here is a pic of what im talking about:

I hope you guys can help me out


I don’t even know the model of these monitors.


This is the LG Monitor, looks great!


Topanga? Like in Boy Meets World?

I’d stick with the EVO monitor.


Must research…

Also, the ASUS monitors are now 3 years old right ?
Who’s the successor ? (maybe this LG one?)


why arent there more monitors with white bezels in general… this monitor looks classy haha


the BenQ monitors have been getting alot of attention recently. i’ve personally played on one at WNF and the picture quality was top knotch. this LG one is alot prettier but i cant find it for sale anywhere


Tried to find this monitor when I went to Taiwan last year, no luck. I think its only available in Japan and at this point, only in used condition. The good news is there are better monitors available.


Asus makes a awesome white monitor VX238H-W that’s relatively cheap and has great performance.