A little creepy with the imagery at times, but great work and skill nonetheless!


Are you post-processing the sketches or are you actually colouring them like that with all the bright colours and dissolved edges?


Wow awesome. Really dig your style man. All the sketches/doodles are my favs :smiley:


Wow , I really like your art style. It reminds of of Dr.Seuss!


I don’t think Dr. Seuss was into yaoi.


You’re one talented dude


Wow! You’re incredible! I’d much rather be able to draw than play UMVC3. Would you consider selling prints? [More specifically of the Dante & Vergil under Sketches/Doodles?


That vergil one caught my eye.after that piece I knew was in for a treat. Excellent stuff man. and also, what program do you use for your pieces?


good talent op!