there’s absolutely nothing that will say the engine you did a srk motion here, how could a teleport come out ?
Looking at the direction all you do it a fireball move. Try inserting a “back” something in the process. It’s discussed in the “how to make it happen” thread from last year though.

After all this move can be performed like Guile Ultra, without having to charge of course. It’s always good to learn other chars, because training their moves can improve yours.

ex guile charge :db:, :df:, :db: :uf: kkk = :db:, :df:, :db: :ub: kkk
akuma :db:, :df: :mp:, :db: :ub: kkk, neutral, :uf: kkk


ho you can use the same up if you want, but neutral is mandatory between them (I Use the same :ub: for example to cancel from cl:hp:).

And doing it with a forward motion isn’t alway good because ex DF could register if you’re not perfect. while on the other side Ex tatsu will interfer, and it’s pretty much safe no matter the result.

Anyway I never got a result with cr:mk: or cr:mp: I guess it’s super hard, and not worth the training time compared to all the other things in the list.

The problem you have with the ex tatsu is only here because you try it from a crouching normal. and so you register a :b: in the process.
From a cl:hp: we don’t use :b: and no tatsu can register. Easier.
That’s why for crouching ones, there’s a reverse pattern avoiding tatsu. I shown you before, the Guile Ultra inputs.




you got all that from “g” shabrout?
what is it… written on the curve or something?


There used to be a post in there. Now there is g.


All hail g.


It was hard clicking the thread title, I’ll give you that.


[SIZE=4]com·ma[FONT=Doulos SIL]/ˈkämə/[/FONT][/SIZE]

[]A punctuation mark (,) indicating a pause between parts of a sentence. It is also used to separate items in a list and to mark the place…
]A minute interval or difference of pitch.