Just need it bigger, premium size.


Any help will do and thanks in advance.

edit - Don’t need my name on it.

i don’t get it… you have it as an avatar right now.

One second… dood!


Is that ok… dood?[/COLOR]

Mix: Yeah I need it teh premium size :slight_smile:

Dood: Thanks…dood!

Dood: No it’s over 58k noooo

ninja edit: 55k, must be 48 :frowning:

:rofl: My bad, one sec… dood.


or maybe

This should work… dood.[/COLOR]

Awesome, I’d Ultra rep ya dood but 24 hours…


:tup: Glad I could help… dood.

Lol, didn’t see the other one. Glad I came back and thanks dood.