You forgot the part about how 99.9% of money matches are between two chumps with bad attitudes that don’t win tournaments fighting over 100 dollars after they both got knocked out of the losers bracket in MvC2.


Ha ha thread over.

If you go from Preppy’s site, most money matches are played by guys like Justin Wong, Soomighty, Smoothviper and Duc Do. They are so much better than everybody here and are still MMing…

top players gotta make money too ya know…

The fact that you posted this first like anyone gives a fuck is pretty damn sad.

I negged you in the evo championship forum for posting something stupid.

  • (Super Negged Reputation)

edit - yeah, I’m the emo bitch who did it btw.

Jesus, are you in 6th grade?

Stop writing three dots… every five seconds… of your sentence… and it may be… just… maybe just… a little… more readable…

No, those are just the MM’s worth watching.

Is this seriously a thread? Kaneda, you’re getting old and soft.

BTW watching top players MM doesnt get old…

we need to start asking about age when people join this forum now… so many stupid kids comin on.

I laughed @ his first line…

you cant write very well

man…wheres desmond pinkney at to shed some light on this thread?

Great thread. Will read again.

For real. Also known as Ellipsis, these three dots can really can add emotion to a body of text when used correctly.

Was that supposed to be a profound essay on money matches? I am confused. I tried reading it, but the screen got all blurry. Probably because my head was about explode from reading such crap.

Get a job, or do some homework.

I think that you should take more writing classes :sweat:

Wheres Part 2.

yes edit your posts with ellipses nobody will know