heh heh. favorite day of the year. :rofl:

I haven’t done a single constructive thing all day. I don’t plan on starting now. This is the first day in a hella long time that I haven’t take on any projects, read a book, wrote an article, socialized, watched movies, yard work, gamed, nothing. I’ve spent today refreshing SRK and SobatCarnival, and nothing else. This is the life. I should do this every day.

You need a fucking job. Get that gwop!

Got the gwop. Though I might need something to get me into a routine. One of the reasons that I’m setting gaming aside is out of fear that I would become an even less responsible individual. Perhaps a job is what I need after all.

I remember when I asked for a week off from work so I could take my final exams and had 3 extra days with nothing to do. I almost went insane. That would have been a good time to practice the walk up 720.