Pics of the hard drive and what it comes with.

Sorry about the shitty pics (it was either that or no pics). If you need a description of something you can’t see or any questions, i’ll try to describe and answer them.


It comes with the anti-static bag inside the plastic case (last pic). If I can find an IDE cable, i’ll include it.

I’ll take upto 8 of those free McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Sandwich coupons for $8 off your order. Lunch/dinner ones only.

No longer looking for the food coupons.

New stuff added.

25% is back. 35% if you can use CJULYFUN0810P (Paypal code).

Hard Drive still up for grabs? PM me interested…

list some 11.5 - 12 and you got a deal, those kicks are beastlike

Still available. ygpm

I don’t think i’ll every have that size. Thanks.