you guys all know that zangief is by far the collest and best character in this game he will rule you and i have a question if anyone decides to look at this post wich i doubt who is the best character in this game why? it shoudl be zangief hes pain out sexy what an awesome character him and blanka pimp it i swear


Stop smokin’ crack.:wtf:


can you possibily tell me any good tick for 360 throw and some A combos if he has any?


This is a stupid thread, but since there’s a request for A-Gief info, I’ll contribute.

He has no “good” ticks for 360… just the normal ones that don’t work so good anymore - s.short, c.jab/short, etc.

A-Gief should only try to land his CC in the corner. Land a d/b roundhouse, and it’s a free CC - activate, c.jab -> Fierce Green Hands, random hits, Kick Super

Or, you can hope to get an anti-air CC in the corner - activate, PP-launch with s.jab, [sj.strong-sj.jab], land and do whatever, Kick Super.


Zangief strats

Though gief isnt top-tier he still has alot going for him and can be played very competively if played right. Here some basic setups i use for the (FAB) and basic a groove combo for starters of the russian juggernaut

  1. In any groove that has run, rush the opponent near the corner or anywere on the screen and i usually use one rush jab one deep in jump lp and another ruch jap on the third or fourth rush i cancell the run to (FAB).

2.My favorite because of the look on my opponents face is in P groove during a standing high hit parry it into to level 3 (FAB) sounds hard. The sequence is really not what i do is when i parry the first hit i start the motion from foward,up,back,down really fast seeing, how parrying requires a foward movement it easier to intiate this plus the level 3 invincibility.

3.s-groove Dodge a move Fab easy but tricky at times.

A-groove very easy A combo this instance. When the opponent is backed into the corner and supposedly jumps and trys to hit you, rc activate your a groove metter and repeatidly use the double lariat the kk version seeing how its faster and you can land more hits with it and near the end of the meter use the aerial russian slam.Not very damageing but good for occasion.

If This was useful to anyone tell me I’ll post a whole lot more advaced stuff later on.