God, what an impressive forum, no messages in the last 3 months. So, I’m bored and I’ve got another hour here at work, so how about a mini-faq?

  • Halfscreen Snapback
  • Builds crazy meter when he blocks/gets hit.
  • c.lk is magneto-fast
  • TK fireball thingy approximates a triangle jump, allowing you to attack high (just before landing) or low (just after landing), for a tough block pattern. Pushblocking does nothing.
  • S.hp/c.hp have range & priority and can be used to stuff non-AA assists
  • Great starting patterns. command launcher (punch) ***s here and c.lk is fast too.
  • Unblockable projectile.
  • DHC’s? None work well.
  • Assist? None is usable.
  • Combo damage. 40% sucks.
  • Builds no meter for hitting opponent. WTF?

Gameplay: think of him as a fat, spiny Magneto. RTSD, land a hit, a/c but don’t strike and you can mixup as you both land w/ high-low. Alternately, combo into any knockdown and use his unblockable projectile as a meaty. Best, snap in their assist and beat the shit out of it.

Anyone else w/ Amingo tips post them.

Thats cool that you posted in here :slight_smile:

Anyways I think Amingo is very underated, I love his upward plant super, that thing rocks as a surprise move, I like his airthrow. I dont really have a solid team with him but I sometimes use Amingo/Doom/BH and just kinda mess around with that.

Anybuddy else got any good stuff on Amingo?

His specials have great recovery. If the opponent blocks the qcf+p the only character that can really punish afterwards is Magneto with his d+lk. Also, whoring the plant drones is awesome. Its almost unpunishable and can be really annoying.\

Alot of his moves have great priority. The j.hk and s.hk are nearly unbeatable. The c.hp has great range and does alot of damage for both hits.

Few Combos that I know of:

c.lk, c.hk, qcf+lp xxx qcb+pp (after 1 hit of qcf+lp)

c.lk, c.lk, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, lk, qcf+fp

[Corner] jump in FP, [land], c.lk, c.fp (1 hit), qcf+lp, [OTG] c.lk, c.lk, [sj], lp, lk, lp, lk, lk, qcf+lp, lp, fp, fk

Thats all I can think of right now.

Quick Tips:
J.HK will hit most crouch-blocking characters if you do it when you first jump, so it can be used as a ghetto overhead. Call assist and xx to qcf+p for a little damage. Stuffs Doom-B assist good too, which is a hard assist for a lot of low-mid tiers to deal with.

C.HP stuffs Capcom assist every time. XX to a little cactus against rushdown opponent or xx to qcf+p to stay on top cables and whatnot.

DeathFromAbove you seem to know Amingo pretty good, from your opinion and experience what is the best Amingo team??

Just use him in place of Magneto in any well-known team. He’s the same character in terms team dynamics, as far as I can tell.


in training mode he does. what are you on about?

when someone jumps in deep I like to catch them with the Mexican Buffet super. You can DHC this into venom web, sent hellfire, IM proton cannon, ect.

I’ve been fucking around with BH (Anit-Air), Amingo (Balance), Tron (Projectile). Drilling and balling works well with Bone and Amingo. This is really an endless spam to launch team

I play amingo, blackheart and storm. The team hyper combo is impressive. Amingo(enhance), blackheart(AA), storm(variety). What I like to do is do an air combo with amingo and end it with fk. Then when they think that I’m going to hit them on top again with fk, I’ll sweep them with d+hk and then team super with 3 super levels. Also try to catch that captain commando when he comes out to assist flying sentinel with team hyper combo three levels. Will more than likely kill him or opponent will stop using commando for a while. And if u really wanna be sneaky wait until sent tries to stomp you and catch him too in the team hyper combo. Worst of all if you miss hailstorm will protect you.

Good stuff in this thread. The only things I really disagree with are the usefulness of his assists. B is gold when used correctly. The thing is, only certain characters lend themselves to making it effective while they are on point. Given the concept of today’s low-tier tourneys, this advantage is major. What makes it viable vs mainstream teams is that is has safety along with it, again, when used correctly.

TiPs: Thanos qcf+PP super while calling Amingo-B is free defense up…chip/assist dmg/trap all plus a 50% stamina boost to aid Thanos in his blockstring into bubble for meter or whatever w/o much fear of getting hit (Thanos w/ 45% stamina…)

oThEr TiPs: Charlie, Sentinel, etc, etc…

Again, good thread. I think Amingo+frame kill was mentioned here. Invaluable. It really makes calling an assist vs Amingo deadly when paired alongside certain characters given his monster range and his little need for meter.