…answered my own question…

there are other ways to hit it midscreen.

have to test, but I’m sure s.hp gets more damage or at the very least, makes your positioning on killing the character optimal

least chances for messing up s.hpxxPC. also, you shouldn’t really have to alter timing unless they are too high to begin with.

you can’t GB if you mess up. they are in sj mode.


Maybe my inf timing just holds em a lil higher than the norm… b/c I usually gotta slow it for the last rep or two to connect fp. With the a timing keeping them higher tho… its not to easy to mess up the repulser xx proton it seems.

Pretty sure I have seen em get the block off on my repulser before and then had my cancel to proton gb them… (this being at the tail end of standard inf)


while it’s not hard to mess up repulsorxxPC, you have way less chance of messing up hpxxPC for the same damage (probably more…).

it wouldn’t GB in the traditional sense. maybe it was weird unblockable situation at that point, but it was probably your opponent doing something and messing up like a pushblock and then letting go or something.

yea I haven’t really stopped doing the fp xx proton in the corner… but I did find one use for it earlier that I hadn’t considered.

My opp called bh AAA right before I started the inf on him… and after 2 reps I was able to pull out repulsor xx proton and have bh join the fun… decently handy for midscreen.

I dunno for sure about the unblockable situation or gb…or wtver. I’ve seen it happen a lot over the years in non inf situation as well… the lp repulser only hits once and there is a long enough delay between its hit and the proton cannon barrel coming out. It feels unblockable when you do it… but it might just be the tricky timing making people stop blocking.

but what I was saying is, as that was in your original post, you can’t GB your opponent if you slightly mess up timing and they block because they are in SJ mode. now if you catch them while they are in NJ mode, then perhaps.

Makes sense. Otherwise if you did mess up and they blocked… you could just jump strait back into another rep and gb em again.

I still can’t figure out whats up with the seeming unblockable when i repulser xx proton midscreen outta the inf… its happen several more times. Tough to figure out since it only happens when i miff the cancel a bit.