TopWay Fight stick Modding help


hey guys i ended up getting this fight stick for basically nothing. I already have a Madcatz SE with Sanwa in it so im set.

Er, i wanted to actually add sanwa in this stick but have no idea where to start, i guess i have the circuit boards but i guess i need the to connect then to the sanwa buttons. I ahve some spare buttons from the SE i could use firstly.

The Joystick is all manually wires and i will post pics of it tonight when i get home from work.

Its a nice case and i didnt want to waste the opportunity to make this stick nice. I used it today at work…pretty fail tbh. the buttons stick abit and you have to push them all the way in, the two white nobs are fairly good to use if you like that style of play. The stick its self is very solid but hard to use.

Any advice or tips would be great, here is an outside pic, its a rip off King of Fighters. I will get that internal pic tonight.


Thread title suggestion: One of the ugliest sticks of all time. Those buttons are hilarious and what the hell are those knobs? are they like trackballs?


yeah its bad hey!!! with sanwa in their and some new art should be okish.

Yeah the left ball is a the left/right/up/down, the other is all the punches and kicks depending on which way you move it lol


god it’s aweful! i saw it on some chinese auction… what’s inside it? can you show us a pic, i’m too curious :smiley:


i took all the guts out and cleaned it. Its bad pics tomorrow.


Boxing King Figheing?! And whats with K’ being on there three times?


haha yeah i didnt notice that. FAIL ART. well the sticker is now off, just need some eucalyptus oil to get rid of the sticky stuff. Then im going to fix the top with a new one with a steal guts. Then cuts the holes for the buttons and look into buying the parts and rebuild her.

The box is actually good and sturdy. It has a compartment like the TE madcatz. Im in no rush to do it thought it would be nice as a home project on the weekends.