i searched for an existing thread but didn’t find one. Providenceangle sent me a link to this and now i’m addicted. check it out:

you’re basically animating your fighter on the fly using push/pull physics. it’s hard to explain so it’s best to just try it out to see what i mean.

the game isn’t that new but i didn’t see any threads dedicated to it so i made this one.

here’s a wiki of some moves, styles, mods, etc…

That game is a lot of fun to mess around in. Everyone who reads this should try it out.

Toribash rocks my socks.

It takes a very interesting approach to the fighting game genre.

this game is pretty sick

Downloadin, let’s see how it is.

Edit: runs off to uninstall

it might be overwhelming at first but if you practice for few hours it gets a lot easier. the first couple hours i just tried to do cool shit against the dummy and i learned a lot just from that.

if you want to do some cool moves but don’t know how, visit the wiki (on first post) and go to the moves section. make sure you’re on the respective mod (judo, kickboxing, etc…) and go from there

Hey guys, I’m an active toribash community member, just thought I’d inform you on some information for the game.

One of the great features about toribash is the great modding capability. Press ctrl+m in single player for the huge list of mods.

Other than that, and the huge move capabilities, customization is a huge part of toribash’s success. from joint force/relax colors, to limb gradient colors, to textured limbs, you have limitless opportunities to make your “tori” completely your design. On top of that, there’s a new feature called “flames” if you want to see what these are like, go into single player and type “/download stupinator” then “/lp 1 stupinator”

The flame’s particles are texturable as well.

Community integration is a huge part of it as well. our forums are filled with everything from mods, to art. I’m one of the active artists in the community, and I have to say, some of it is very impressive.

For those of you having trouble creating moves and getting used to the game: Just keep trying ^^ no one gets it at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can create some awesome moves. There’s many videos on youtube that the community has created, music videos with great effects thrown in. I recommend watching some of them to get a feel for the game.

Here’s the advertisement for toribash 3.6:

My artwork started with a little series called “Baby tori tests” it uses community members, in a graphic series, and has become quite a hit if I say so myself.

Here was the first Baby Tori Test in the series.

More of the series can be seen here:

some ingame screenshots:

I racked up a decent little winning streak, though I’m not quite sure how I did it. :rofl:

I’ve tried playing this game sometimes (it usually comes on coverdiscs with PC Gamer)…I just can’t figure it out, and my guy ends up toppling over on the floor instead of ripping off the opponents head with an awesome roundhouse kick (as you can do)…or rip off your own head.

As stated previously, it takes time. This isn’t a game you’re likely to get on the first run-through, probably not even on the 5th.

Just keep practicing, watch what others do, and try it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently this will also be on Wiiware.