Torn Between Two Different Monitor Sizes

Alright, so I’ve decided to upgrade my monitor this holdiay season, but I’m having a really difficult time deciding what would be best and practical for my situation. I know what monitor I want to get, now it’s only a matter of size. The monitor I want is here:

Now this monitor also comes in a 27" model, which I have seen on demo and it absolutely looks gorgeous. Now I’m thinking that 27" might be a little too big, considering I sit only 3 feet away from my monitor right now, so this is why I’m thinking 24". It’ll be a big improvment over the 21.5" LCD I’m using right now, which isn’t even 1920x1080. I don’t do a lot of movie watching right on my monitor and PC gaming is almost non-exsistant for me.

I know some of you guys use very big monitors, so what would you guys suggest? Eyestrain is my biggest conern right now with the 27", and that’s about it.

I recommend the ASUS VH236H nick named the Evo monitor on SRK and other online communities. Chosen for its excellent Price/Performance Ratio good for both PC and console gaming, this is the monitor of choice for the Evo Tournament.
and its still on sale on New Egg until 12/7/11

I’m using double ASUS VH242H monitors for my computer and console gaming. They are just as good as the Evo monitors in terms of input lag and colour quality. The VH232H, VH236H and VH242H should all be the same quality in terms of input lag and whatnot.

Assuming by the URL, you’re Canadian. If you’re in Ontario, Canada Computers usually has the 242’s on sale, along with the 236’s. I believe the size difference is 23.6" vs 26", respectively.

27" is a little big for desktop gaming (well, 3 feet away at least). 23" should be plenty at short distance.

I just now notice the URL. Good looking out Freezer B.
VH232H, VH236H and VH242H are all similar
Here is the Canadian NewEgg link VH242H

I Personally have the Acer P235H/ G235H which is on par with the Asus VH Series
Too bad the Acer P235H/ G235H is replaced by the Acer G235HAbd which dropped the HDMI port. Good thing a HDMI to DVI adapter isn’t hard to find and at an decent price.

Actually the Monitor OP had is not bad but I rather that monitor would be 20 to 40 dollars cheaper