Tornado Claw help



For some reason this move is giving me trouble, I guess not this move in particular but the the Forward, Down, Down Forward motion.

I just picked up a HRAP VX SA for the 360 and cant seem to pull this move off consistnetly.

Is there a shortcut for it or anything? It’s driving me nuts because it is a basic move.


No shortcuts. Just go into practice and just keep on drilling the DP motion into your hands.


The Dragon punch motion has also givin me problems. I’m playing on an madcatz te stick, but the only thing that will make a difference is practicing it over and over. A few tips some people gave me were… go forward, let the stick reset then quickly do the motion for a fireball, or berserker barrage. (Quarter circle forward) Another hint that helped me a lot was to think of the motion as doing a ‘C’ with the stick.

Don’t try to find shortcuts, or practice shortcuts, because when new games come out they most likely won’t implement said shortcut. Once you get the hang of it the DP motion is just like doing a quarter circle, half circle or any other ‘basic’ motion.

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If you have just got a stick, it is ridiculous to think you will be able to do even simple DP motions consistently or at all. You must train your wrists to make the motion. Enable input display to ensure that you are putting in the motions properly. First do them very slowly and then start to speed up once you are getting the hang of it. The dp motion is an important one to be able to pull off consistently, but the tornado claw itself is pretty trash in this game. No invincibility frames on a DP means you may just eat a full life combo because you didn’t time the hitting frames exactly perfect. You are better off push blocking their jumpin if you want to maintain your positioning.


Yea your first mistake is using tornado claw at all.


All of this.