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FAO UK players

Im sure your all aware that the price of the TE sticks has rocketed over the last couple of months with used TE stick going for between £120 and £160 on ebay.

Madcatz’s UK store has some SFIV rnd2 & MVC3 sticks in stock, for £149.99, Definately a good price for the UK at the moment, considering these are new and sealed…

The stock is low though:

                                   SFIV rnd TE: 30 for X360 and 24 for PS3

                                    MVC3 TE : 6 for X360 and 31 for PS3

PS I dont work for MADCATZ, just trying to be helpful…



#3 is the UK Version is the US version

As for eBay. I count it up as eBay sellers often like to get greedy, especially if demand increases.


The Gameshark store is the best place to get a new TE in the UK, in fact it’s the only place as none of the big retailers (e.g. Amazon, Play, GAME, Gamestation, etc) have these in stock and you take your chance with some of the smaller online retailers in the UK (still waiting on a refund from one retailer who failed to deliver an SE to me over four months ago…). However, to be fair I have to note that I had a pretty poor experience with Mad Catz UK support, they made good in the end but I could have done without the hassle.


Note: if you need to contact Mad Catz support never email them, call them on the phone.
Although the support crew in the US are a different group of people


It’s actually still worth checking some of the big online retailers every now and again as they get new sticks in sometimes for reasonable prices but they go very very quickly, around 2 weeks ago 10 SFIV TE R2 PS3 sticks were available on Amazon for £103 but they sold out within 3 hours.


Really? Ffs. -_-


Yeah just keep an eye out, I have a Qanba Q4 which should be with me in a few days but I’m also keeping my eye out for a TE. If I see anything, I’ll post it here.


BTW Amazon UK are doing Hori VX SA’s for £99.99.

Ive never used one so I cant really give an accurate review or comment.
The VLX sticks I have are top draw, and they are supposed to be similar to the VX/V3 SA’s, so if you cant get hold of or afford the TE then these may be your best bet. In fact some on SRK prefer these over the TE.

I still think my VSHG’s are the best closely followed by madactz TE’s tied for second with the VLX, and my poor old Namco’s have to take the last spot.


I did both, the first guy I dealt with was great then things went downhill from there.


Tried one and didn’t like it much at all, I found that there wasn’t enough support for my wrist below the buttons while using it on my lap and that I was left with scratches on the furniture I placed in top of (not through use but from placing the stick down, you really have to hold both sides when putting it down).


Zavvi have rnd2 TE’s in stock for X360 & PS3 FOR £99.99 !!!

Madcatz UK Store Stock update

SFIV rnd2 TE: 10 for X360 and 16 for PS3

MVC3 TE: 0 for X360 and 19 for PS3


Keep in mind with the Zavvi ones the following: “Availability: Usually dispatched within a month”


£160 for a TE stick…rip off

Wasnt long ago gamestation was selling them for £50 and Super’s for £110


The average selling price of a 360 TE stick on eBay (auction, not BIN) has been slowly increasing over the last six months. Expect to pay between £85 - £105. IMO I don’t think they are worth over £80.

Despite it’s high price, Zavvi’s recent offer has been the best one for a long time as the product is a new Round 2 (so avoids many of the original’s pcb problems) and has free postage.


the ps3 pcb still doesn’t work with the pc though correct>.


It works with some pc’s, and this issue was fixed AFAIK with the Chun Li, TE-S, BlazBlue, and Brawsticks.

Though if you are planning on dual modding a TE, then get a 360 version. There are no PC compatibility issues with something like a Cthulhu board.


Only thing with zavvi is the month waiting :frowning:


Update for you guys, I managed to find a few TE Round 2 sticks in my local area, they were at:

1 PS3 Round 2 Stick at Cex Merry Hill (Address: Unit L21C, The Merry Hill Centre, Brierly Hill, West Midlands, DY5 1QX), they are selling it for £80 however it has no Box

3 PS3 Round 2 Sticks and 1 Xbox 360 Round 2 Sticks at Bestbuy (address: Unit B Phase 1 Merry Hill Centre, Brierley Hill, Birmingham, DY5 1SY), PS3 retails at £100 and the 360 ones at £120 (no idea why the difference, something to do with the 360 one working on the PC)

If you live in the Midlands area may be worth a look, I was shocked at the best buy though as I didn’t expect them to have it. This was as off 18:30pm 06-08-2011