Toro(and Kuro) May be better then we thought



I was bored, and jumped into training with that cats, and noticed both Toro and Kuro seem to do better then I thought. Yes, HP is junk and they have low reach, but their damage seems to be as good, or slightly better, then their human counter parts. I was surprised how fast I could bring someone down to low health once I got a groove going. Toro’s Hadoken seems to take off 1/3 of Kazuya’s life without gems!

I also noticed that, unlike everyone else in the game, the timer stops when they use their supers, even in Pandora mode. Meaning you can use their super without worry of dieing during it. Plus Toro’s Hadoken super can 2-3HKO while in pandora without gems. I think these cats would be amazaing in pandora… more practice is needed though. Only down side is that Toro does a slight dance after fireing the hado, limiting how many he can fire off while in pandora.


I agree, I tried out Toro’s trials and played with him online and is only gripe is his short reach and low health. He does the same damage as Ryu and his specials seem to keep SOME of Ryu’s properties so they have deceptively large hitboxes, not to mention his Hadouken has to be blocked low.


I would use Toro if one good combo didn’t kill him.

They have worse health than Akuma.


They seem to have easy links


PS: The dance that Toro does after his super art can be moved out of, his recovery is pretty much the same as Ryu’s super art.


Cats ftw!


That’s hardcore. I love it.


Watch someone is going to win evo with that

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I’ve been messing around with these two cats. Their horrible reach is something I’ll have to get used to…but then again, it’d be super neat to be able to beast all over the place with these guys.