Toro general thread

Because hell, nobody else is going to make this thread, so it might as well be me.

Toro is a cartoon cat created by SCEJ, and their current mascot in Japan. He currently stars in a series of virtual talk shows where he exchanges witty banter with his friend Kuro. And much to everyone’s surprise and/or salty tears, he’s making his fighting debut as a guest character in the PS3 and Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken! Dat trollno does it again. And if you want to troll with the best, you’ve come to the right place.

Gameplay-wise, Toro looks to pretty much be a clone of Ryu, albeit much shorter and faster, and with presumably weaker attacks. His presumed moveset thus far is(names are entirely speculative):
Nyadoken :qcf::p:
Catsumeowki Senpuunyaku :qcb::k:
Meowdan So-cute Geri :hcf::k:
Super Art: Shinkmyuu Nyadoken :qcf::p::p:
(To be properly updated once actual info on the cats surfaces)

Let the saltiness begin brothers.

Reveal Trailer

To be updated with more footage of cat-related ownage

DP should be named Shonyanken. And is it confirmed that he’ll be in both versions?

As in both Vita and PS3?
or in non-moonspeak

More than enough delicious tears to go around

You forgot the Meowdan So-cute-togeri

Meowdan Kick :3

Edit: Just noticed no one made a Ryu Thread lol.

LOL. The irony.

Glad those two are in the PS3 version too.

Oh so they’re on PS3 too? Fucking awesome! I love me some free characters.

Would be better if Toro is a custom character being able to use any moves of the SF cast, ala Ace from SFEX3.

(Toro or Kuro)/Hugo for team “Hot Skitty on Wailord Action”

I love Ken’s expression in the third image.

“Tatsumaki Sempukiwhathefuck?”

I wonder how Kuma’s super will look when used on them, they can barely reach his ass even if they wanted to. Also moves like Abrl’s Tornado throw, Cammy’s cross art etc.

Due to popular demand, Meowdan added.


So glad to be an Xbox user.

Quite sure Meowdan will be HCF like it is with Ryu.

I’m probably gonna buy a PS3 for these and Cole.

Why? Don’t like free stuff?

I’m slightly inclined into doing the Kuro thread.

How about catsumaki?

Too bad the game’s not coming out on the Wii. We’d be able to get Meowth. And I say that because I am a fan this. Not trolling.

No I don’t like these characters.

Then don’t use them. Unless you’re worried about accidentally selecting them.